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Alice's Restaurant (1969)

aka Alice's Restaurant

Directed By: 
Details: 111 mins · English


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Small Arlo Guthrie
Small Alice Brock
No_movie_poster Ray Brock
No_movie_poster Mari-chan
No_movie_poster Roger Crowther
No_movie_poster Shelly
No_movie_poster himself
No_movie_poster Himself
No_movie_poster Karin
No_movie_poster Himself - Officer Obie
No_movie_poster Evangelist
No_movie_poster Blueglass
No_movie_poster Woody Guthrie
No_movie_poster Draft Clerk
No_movie_poster Marjorie Guthrie
No_movie_poster Private Jacob / Jake
No_movie_poster Ruth
No_movie_poster Dean
No_movie_poster 1st Deconsecration Minister
No_movie_poster 2nd Deconsecration Minister
No_movie_poster Funeral Director
No_movie_poster Reenie
Small Group W Sergeant
No_movie_poster Cop #1 (as Ronald Weyand)
No_movie_poster Landlady (as Eleanor Wilson)
No_movie_poster Medic
No_movie_poster Waiter (as Thomas DeWolfe)
No_movie_poster Himself
No_movie_poster Music Teacher
No_movie_poster Cop #2 (as John Quill)
No_movie_poster Sergeant
No_movie_poster Suzy


No_movie_poster Gerald B. Greenberg Editorial Manager
No_movie_poster Richard Marks Editor
No_movie_poster John Mortensen Set Decoration
Small Arthur Penn Director
No_movie_poster Dede Allen Editor
No_movie_poster Anna Hill Johnstone Co-Costume Designer
No_movie_poster Jack Fitzstephens Sound Editor
No_movie_poster Thomas J. Wright Property Master
No_movie_poster Victor J. Kemper Camera Operator
No_movie_poster Dick Vorisek Sound Re-Recording Mixer
No_movie_poster Irving Buchman Makeup Artist
No_movie_poster Stephen A. Rotter Editor
No_movie_poster Venable Herndon Screenplay
No_movie_poster Hillard Elkins Producer
No_movie_poster Joseph Manduke Producer
Small Arlo Guthrie Author
No_movie_poster Michael Nebbia Cinematography
No_movie_poster Harold Leventhal Producer
No_movie_poster Warren Clymer Production Design
No_movie_poster Phil Naso Hairstylist
No_movie_poster Willard W. Goodman Production Supervisor
No_movie_poster Shelly Bartolini Scenic Artist
No_movie_poster Merle Eckert Scenic Artist
No_movie_poster Sanford Rackow Sound Editor
No_movie_poster Abe Seidman Sound mixer
No_movie_poster Stephen Fitzstephens Foley
No_movie_poster Morton Gorowitz Gaffer
No_movie_poster Charles Kolb Grip
No_movie_poster Muky Still Photographer
No_movie_poster George Newman Costume Supervisor
No_movie_poster Marilyn Putnam Costume Supervisor
No_movie_poster Fred Hellerman Sound Director
No_movie_poster Garry Sherman Additional Music
No_movie_poster Ed Bowes Producer
No_movie_poster Wayne Fitzgerald Title Graphics
No_movie_poster Rhona Kane Unit Publicist
No_movie_poster Diane Katz Production Intern
No_movie_poster Gene Lasko Producer
No_movie_poster Bill Liberman Producer
No_movie_poster Florence Nerlinger Producer
No_movie_poster Milton Olshin Projection
No_movie_poster Barbara Rittenberg Script Supervisor
Small Arthur Penn Writer


In 1965, Arlo Guthrie (as himself) has attempted to avoid the draft by attending college in Montana. His long hair and unorthodox approach to study gets him in trouble with local police as well as residents. He is thrown out of school, following which he hitchhikes back East. He first visits his father Woody Guthrie (Joseph Boley) in the hospital.

Arlo ultimately returns to his friends Alice (Pat Quinn) and Ray Brock (James Broderick) at their home, a deconsecrated church in Great Barrington, Massachusetts where they welcome friends and like-minded bohemian types to "crash". Among these are Arlo's school friend Roger (Geoff Outlaw) and artist Shelley (Michael McClanathan), an ex-heroin addict who is in a motorcycle racing club. Alice is starting up a restaurant in nearby Stockbridge. Frustrated with Ray's lackadaisical attitude, she has an affair with Shelley, and ultimately leaves for New York to visit Arlo and Roger. Ray comes to take her home, saying he has invited a "few" friends for Thanksgiving.

The central point of the film is the story told in the song: After Thanksgiving dinner, Arlo and his friends decide to do Alice and Ray a favor by taking several months worth of garbage from their house to the town dump. After loading up a red VW microbus with the garbage, and "shovels, and rakes and other implements of destruction", they head for the dump. Finding the dump closed for the holiday, they drive around and discover a pile of garbage that someone else had placed at the bottom of a short cliff. At that point, as mentioned in the song, "...we decided that one big pile is better than two little piles, and rather than bring that one up we decided to throw ours down."

The next morning they receive a phone call from "Officer Obie" (Police Chief William Obanhein as himself), who asks them about the garbage. After admitting to littering, they agree to pick up the garbage and to meet him at the police station. Loading up the red VW microbus, they head to the police station where they are immediately arrested.

As the song puts it, they are then driven to the scene of the crime where the police are engaged in a hugely elaborate investigation. At the trial, Officer Obie is anxiously awaiting the chance to show the judge the 27 photos of the crime but the judge happens to be blind, using a seeing eye dog, and simply levies a $50 fine, orders them to pick up the garbage and then sets them free. The garbage is eventually taken to New York and placed on a barge, to be taken out and dumped in the Atlantic Ocean. Meanwhile, Arlo has fallen in love with a beautiful Asian girl, Mari-chan (Tina Chen).

Later in the movie, Arlo is called up for the draft, in a surreal depiction of the bureaucracy at the New York City military induction center on Whitehall Street. Because of Guthrie's criminal record for littering, he is first sent to the Group W bench (where convicts wait), then outright rejected as unfit for military service.

Upon returning to the church, Arlo finds Ray and members of the motorcycle club showing home movies of a recent race. Shelley enters, obviously high, and Ray beats him until he reveals his stash of heroin, concealed in some art he has been working on. Shelley roars off into the night on his motorcycle to his death; the next day, Woody dies. Ray and Alice have a hippie-style wedding in the church, and a drunken Ray proposes to sell the church and start a country commune instead, revealing that he blames himself for Shelley's death. The film ends with Alice standing alone in her bedraggled wedding gown on the church steps.

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