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All Quiet on the Western Front (1930)

aka All Quiet on the Western Front

"At last....the motion picture!"

Directed By: 
Details: 133 mins · English, French, Latin, German


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Small Lewis Ayres
No_movie_poster Professor Kantorek
No_movie_poster Himmelstoß
No_movie_poster Stanislas Katczinsky
Small Franz Kemmerich
No_movie_poster Leer
No_movie_poster Peter
No_movie_poster Walter Browne Rogers
No_movie_poster Albert Kropp
No_movie_poster 'Slim' Summerville
Small Mrs. Bäumer (1st version)
No_movie_poster Mrs. Bäumer (final version)
No_movie_poster Lieutenant Bertinck
No_movie_poster Tjaden
No_movie_poster Westhus
No_movie_poster Detering
No_movie_poster Mueller
No_movie_poster Himmelstoss
Small Paul Bäumer


Small Carl Laemmle Jr. Producer
Small Lewis Milestone Director
No_movie_poster Erich Maria Remarque Novel
No_movie_poster Del Andrews Adaptation
No_movie_poster George Abbott Screenplay
No_movie_poster Arthur Edeson Director of Photography
No_movie_poster Edgar Adams Editor
No_movie_poster David Broekman Original Music Composer
Small Maxwell Anderson Adaptation
Small Lewis Milestone Writer
No_movie_poster Erich Maria Remarque Story Contributor
No_movie_poster Del Andrews Story Contributor
Small Maxwell Anderson Story Contributor
No_movie_poster Milton Carruth Editing
No_movie_poster Edgar Adams Editing


"At last....the motion picture!"


The film opens in a boys' high school in Germany at the beginning of World War I. The instructor, Kantorek, gives an impassioned speech about the glory of serving in the Army and "saving the Fatherland". Almost to a man, the young men are moved to join the army. The young enlistees are shown in basic training, aching for "action" fighting in the war. Their training officer (Himmelstoss, a strict disciplinarian who is hated by all the recruits) tells them to forget everything they know; they are going to become soldiers. Rigorous training diminishes the recruits' enthusiasm some, but after little more than marching drills, suddenly the boys' are told they are "going up front".

The new soldiers arrive by train at the combat zone, which is mayhem, with soldiers everywhere, incoming shells, horse-drawn wagons racing about, and prolonged rain. One in the group is killed before the new recruits can reach their post, to the alarm of one of the new soldiers (Behm). The new soldiers are assigned to a unit composed of older soldiers, who are not exactly accommodating. The young soldiers find that there is no food available at the moment. They have not eaten since breakfast – but the men they have joined have not had food for two days. One of them (Katczinsky) had gone to locate something to eat and he returns with a slaughtered hog. The young soldiers "pay" for their dinner with cigarettes.

"For the Fatherland" the young soldiers' unit is sent out on night duty and they move into position packed into a flat cargo truck. As the driver drops them off at their destination, he tells them, "If there's any of you left, there will be someone here to pick you up in the morning." The young recruits watch the truck intensely as it leaves. Katczinsky gives the "schoolboys" some real world instructions, telling them how to deal with incoming shells, "When you see me flop, you flop. Only try to beat me to it." The unit strings up barbed-wire and tries to avoid shells. Flares light up the night sky as the enemy tries to spot them, machine guns hammer and a bombardment begins. Behm is killed by machine gun fire; most of the soldiers keep low in the trenches. Franz Kemmerich runs out to retrieve Behm, but, upon returning to the trench, realizes that he's carrying a corpse. He is scolded by Katczinsky for risking his life. When the truck arrives in the morning most of the unit has survived.

Release Dates:

Theatrical : 1930-08-24 : United States of America

1930-04-21 : United States of America