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Anna to the Infinite Power (1983)

aka Anna to the Infinite Power

Directed By: 
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Details: 101 mins · English


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Twelve-year-old Anna Hart of Flemington, New Jersey, a student at a school for gifted children is a genius and a kleptomaniac who insults her teachers, gets headaches when she stares at fires and flickering lights, and suffers from strange prophetic dreams. Simultaneously, several strange things begin to happen. A mysterious neighbor named Michaela Dupont (a piano teacher who has been watching Anna, and has kept photos of her and of another girl taken in 1970 who much resembles Anna) moves in next door. Then Anna sees her exact double on local TV news when a commuter plane makes a forced landing nearby, and learns that her double, Anna Smithson, has the same family setting as hers—the child of a scientist and a musician.

As Anna investigates, she learns about a woman named Anna Zimmerman, who has been dead for 20 years, and that she herself was part of a cloning experiment by Zimmerman who would grow into a duplicate of Zimmerman herself, right down to the traits Anna shares with her. It also turns out that Anna's mother volunteered for the cloning project but the father wanted nothing to do with it. We also learn, through Anna's dreams, of Zimmerman's past; growing up during World War II as a Jew in Nazi-controlled Germany, where she, like the present Anna, was a pianist and child prodigy who would play a part in the Nazis' plans for the genetic engineering of humans.

But, just as the current Anna is beginning to act normal and learn more about her background—thanks in part to her brother Rowan and to secret assistance from Micheala—we also learn of six other Annas, this after her mother told her that they (the people involved with the cloning project) wanted to re-evaluate Anna for a few days at a facility at Albacore Island. While there, Anna becomes suspicious when the phone in her room is blocked. Also, as she snoops around she notices the experiments they are performing. When Rowan has not heard from Anna, he sneaks into the facility to see his sister. Anna and Rowan confront Dr. Henry Jelliff, the person who kept Zimmerman's genetic cloning experiments alive at Albacore Island, who tells her that she is now a 'normal' person and suggests that she should change her name as a way to start a new life. But, after Anna and her brother were free to go, Jelliff reveals to Michaela, whom he suspected was not following her assignments, that he is secretly grooming yet another Anna to grow up to become the future Zimmerman; they plan to kill the remaining five Annas, including Hart and her family, shortly.

Jelliff's plans to eliminate the girls backfire when Michaela reveals herself to him as Anna Parkhurst, the original product of Zimmerman's cloning experiment (she was the other girl that resembled Anna in the 1970 photo from the beginning of the film); and, like her mother/creator, she knows how to create the replicator. Because Jelliff had her parents killed and because she is enraged by the experiments, the adult Anna turns the table on him by offering him the plans for the replicator in return for the safety of all of the Annas. The film ends with Jeliff considering Michaela/Anna's offer.

Release Dates:

DVD : 2010-04-27