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Arthur Hailey's Detective (2005)

Arthur Hailey's Detective (2005)

aka Arthur Hailey's Detective

"Detective (TV 2005)"

Details: 171 mins · English, Malayalam


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"Detective (TV 2005)"


Detective Sergeant Malcolm Ainslie, a Catholic priest turned distinguished investigator for the police, has agreed to hear the confession of a convicted serial killer sentenced to death in a just a matter of hours. What he promises to reveal to Ainslie is the truth behind the crimes and the reason he confessed to the one crime Ainslie doesn't even believe he committed. What unfolds between the two men is a serpentine trail into both men's pasts based on the bestseller from master storyteller Arthur Hailey. Written by Amazon.com

Release Dates:

Television : United States of America

Television : 2005-04-16 : Hungary

Television : Malaysia

Television : Philippines

Television : United Kingdom

Television : 2005-10-10 : Australia

Television : 2006-01-11 : France

Television : 2006-04-30 : Spain

Television : 2010-12-18 : Japan

Television : 2010-12-26 : Japan

DVD : 2005-05-10 : Netherlands

DVD : 2005-11-22 : United States of America