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Attack of the 50 Foot Woman (1958)

aka Attack of the 50 Foot Woman

Directed By: 
Written By: 
Details: 65 mins · English · PG (USA)


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Small Nancy Fowler Archer
No_movie_poster Harry Archer
No_movie_poster Honey Parker
No_movie_poster Dr. Heinrich Von Loeb
No_movie_poster Dr. Isaac Cushing
No_movie_poster Jess Stout
No_movie_poster Tony the Bartender


No_movie_poster Nathan Juran Director
No_movie_poster Mark Hanna Writer
No_movie_poster Edward Mann Editing


A television announcer reports sightings of a red fireball around the world. Facetiously, he calculates its path will lead it to California. Nancy Archer (Allison Hayes), a wealthy but highly troubled woman, is speeding along in her car one night when a glowing white ball settles on the deserted highway in front of her, causing her to veer off the road. When she gets out to investigate, a giant alien exits the object and reaches for her. Terrified, she escapes and runs back to town, but nobody believes her story due to her known drinking problem and recent stay in a sanatorium. Her philandering husband, Harry Archer (William Hudson), is more interested in his latest girlfriend, Honey Parker (Yvette Vickers), but he pretends to be the good husband in the hope that Nancy will "snap" and return to the "booby hatch", leaving him in control of her $50 million.

Nancy makes him search the desert with her for the "flying satellite". Eventually, they find it. When the alien emerges, Harry fires his pistol at it, but when it has no effect he flees, leaving Nancy behind.

Nancy is later found on the roof of her pool house, but she is delirious and must be sedated by her family physician, Dr Cushing. Harry, egged on by Honey, attempts to give Nancy a lethal injection of her medicine, but when he sneaks up to her room, he finds that she has grown into a giant. Cushing and Dr. Von Loeb, a specialist he has called in, are at a loss how to treat their patient; they keep her in a coma with morphine and restrain her with chains while waiting for the authorities. The sheriff and Jess (Ken Terrell), Nancy's faithful butler, track enormous footprints leading away from the estate to the open alien sphere. Inside, they find Nancy's diamond (the largest in the world) and others, each in a clear orb. They speculate that the jewels are being used as fuel. The alien appears and attacks them, wrecking their car before flying away in the sphere.

Meanwhile, Nancy awakens and breaks free of her restraints. Determined to avenge herself on her unfaithful husband, she stomps off to town. When she rips the roof off the bar to get at Harry, she spots Honey. She drops a ceiling beam on her rival, killing her. Harry panics and begins shooting, but she picks him up and walks away. Gunshots have no apparent effect on her. The sheriff fires a riot gun, which causes a nearby power line transformer to blow up, killing her. The doctors find Harry lying dead in her hand.

Release Dates:

DVD : 2007-06-26