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Babe: Pig in the City (1998)

aka Babe: Pig in the City

"This little pig went to the city..."

Directed By: 
Details: 92 mins · English · G (USA)


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Small Farmer Arthur Hoggett
No_movie_poster The Landlady
Small Fugly Floom, the Speechless Man in Hotel
Small Mrs. Esme Cordelia Hoggett
Small Babe (voice)
No_movie_poster Ferdinand / Tug (voice)
Small Zootie (voice)
No_movie_poster Bob (voice)
Small Thelonius (voice)
Small Easy / Tough Pup (voice)
Small Easy (voice)
No_movie_poster The Bull Terrier / The Doberman (voice)
No_movie_poster The Pink Poodle / Choir Cat (voice)
Small Flealick (voice)
No_movie_poster Nigel / Alan (voice)
No_movie_poster Snoop, The Sniffer Dog (voice)
Small Fly (voice)
Small Rex (voice)
Small The Narrator (voice)


No_movie_poster Andrew Lesnie Director of Photography
No_movie_poster Doug Mitchell Producer
Small George Miller Director
No_movie_poster Judy Morris Screenplay
No_movie_poster Mark Lamprell Screenplay
No_movie_poster Nigel Westlake Music
No_movie_poster Jay Friedkin Editor
No_movie_poster Margaret Sixel Editor
Small George Miller Production
No_movie_poster Bill Miller Production
Small George Miller Writer
Small Dick King-Smith Novel


"This little pig went to the city..."

"In the heart of the city, a pig with heart."


Set after the events of the first film Babe (Elizabeth Daily) and his master farmer Arthur Hoggett (James Cromwell) are given a welcome home parade after Babe's success as a "sheepdog" much to the joy of Arthur's wife Esme's (Magda Szubanski) delight. One day though Arthur tries to repair his waterpump in his well but when Babe accidentally gets in the way, he seriously injures his master. Arthur is now hospitalized but despite being seriously injured forgives Babe for his clumsiness.

A few days later two men in suits and ties from a local bank come to Esme Hoggett and tell her they are about to evict the Hoggetts for not paying their rent on time. Esme though finds a clause that if she and Babe attend a sheephearding contest they will be paid generously and will not lose the farm. At the airport in the city of Metropolis, a sniffer dog named Snoop senses that Babe and Esme were carrying illegal substances. Airport security take them into an examination room and strip-search Esme and X-ray Babe. They miss their connecting flight. Esme calls a lot of hotels asking if they take pigs, but they all say no. While leaving the airport, an airport cleaner tells Esme there's a hotel nearby called the Flealands Hotel that takes animals, so Esme and Babe arrive there. The kind landlady takes them in and Babe goes after a monkey wearing a kilt named Tug after he steals Esme's suitcase. Babe meets three chimpanzees Bob, his pregnant mate Zootie and his little brother Easy as well as Thelonius an orungatuan. Babe is then kidnapped by the landlady's elderly Uncle Fugsley Floom, a clown and tricks Esme that Babe went to the city with him. And Esme foolishly believes him. Panicking, Esme goes out to look for Babe. But disaster strikes. In the city, Esme and a backstreet gang of thugs on skates who tried to snatch her purse are placed under arrest for causing a chaotic disaster with two police officers on motorcycles and painters who were gluing a poster on a nearby billboard at an outdoor shopping mall near the beach a few blocks away from the hotel and Babe ruins a circus show at a local children's hospital because Fugsley tripped over him and threw his torch into the curtains which caught fire! Fire extinguishers squirted foam, the sprinkler system went off, fire alarms were ringing and "No Regrets" was playing over the loudspeaker in French and the show ends in disaster.

The next day Fugsley goes to hospital in a coma and is escorted by the landlady. With the humans gone, later that night, the chimpanzees try to steal some food and use Babe to distract two guard dogs. A bull terrier and a Doberman chase him into a junkyard, where the bull terrier accidentally knocks over a stack of tires almost falling on to Babe. The bull terrier chases him to the canal near the hotel and nearly drowns but Babe saves him. The bull terrier is now friends with Babe and Babe invites him and other stray cats and dogs in. After Zootie gives birth to twins several people break in and take them away except Babe, Tug, the duck Ferdinand (who went after Babe) and a disabled Jack Russell named Flealick. They track them at an animal hospital and save them. After the judge (the airport cleaner who was seen earlier in the film) pardons Esme, she reunites with the landlady mourning her uncle's death and tells her that her neighbor Hortense was the one that got the animals taken away. Dressed in Fugsley's old clown suit Esme and the landlady set off on a two seat bike to find the animals. At the hospital, Babe and the others climb up a ceiling tile and cross on a vent pipe to another building. Meanwhile Esme and the landlady get tired of pedaling and grab onto an ambulance. At that moment Babe and others take the elevator down to the lobby, but the elevator stops at one of the floors. A doctor was using the elevator, but another one stopped him to fill out some papers, but they didn't notice the animals inside the elevator and when the doctor was done, the elevator closed. When Esme and the landlady arrive at the hospital, they asked a cook if he saw any animals, but he didn't believe it. The elevator arrived at the ground floor, but instead of opening to the lobby, the rear door opened into the kitchen. A chef carrying dishes turned to the elevator to see Babe and the others. Esme and the landlady rush in.

Two chefs grab Esme by the clown costume elastic suspenders. They bounce back, pulling Esme into them. Esme and the landlady finally track the animals at a gala dinner where Esme ties the elastic of the suspenders to a streamer on the chandelier. She swings around the ballroom, the suspenders stretching. She hits a butler who, as he falls from a ladder, yanks out the tag on Esme's clown pants. The tag asys 'DO NOT PULL'. Esme's clown pants then rip open as a flesh colored balloon inflates from beneath the clothes. Still attatched to the suspenders, she bounces about after her suit gets blown up. Babe is soon reunited with her as the chandelier falls, the suspenders snapping. Thelonius, thinking her to be Fugly Floom, tries to help her. Bob and Zooty pul a rope ad bue balloons, intended for a fanale to the gala, fall on the ballroom floor. Esme is tangled up in her suspenders and the inflated clown suit impedes her as she tries to get up. Zooty realises she's missing one of her babies. Babe sees it as it falls from the broken chandelier chord. He alerts Thelonius who catches it, just in time. Zooty and Bob thank him but Thelonius tells them to: 'Thank the Pig.' The landlady sells the hotel, giving the money to Esme so she can save the farm. The landlady and all the animals come to the farm where, thankfully, Arthur Hoggett has recovered. He then fixes the water pump and, with a last look at Babe before the film ends, he says. 'That'll do, Pig. That'll do.' Babe looks at his boss as he holds his suspender straps. The film comes to a close.

After the credits roll, we see one of the mice, thanking everybody for watching the movie.

Release Dates:

DVD : 1999-05-04