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Baron Blood (1972)

Baron Blood (1972)

aka Baron Blood

Directed By: 
Written By: 
Details: 98 mins · English, Italiano


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Small Eva Arnold
No_movie_poster Dr. Karl Hummel
No_movie_poster Christina Hoffmann
No_movie_poster Peter Kleist
No_movie_poster Mayor Dortmundt
No_movie_poster Inspector
Small Baron Otto von Kleist / Alfred Becker


Small Mario Bava Director
No_movie_poster Enzo Bulgarelli Art Direction
No_movie_poster Stelvio Cipriani Original Music Composer
No_movie_poster Samuel Z. Arkoff Executive Producer
No_movie_poster Alfredo Leone Producer
No_movie_poster Carlo Reali Editor
No_movie_poster Vincent Fotre Screenplay


American Peter Kleist travels to visit the castle of his Austrian ancestor Baron Otto Von Kleist who had a reputation that earned him the nickname "Baron Blood" and who was cursed by a witch, Elisabeth Holle, for his evil deeds against the villagers before he burned her at the stake.

Peter is shown a parchment with a spell reputed to have the power to bring Baron Blood back to life. As a lark with Eva, a female architect renovating the castle for a hotel project, he reads the invocation out loud in the castle. Frightened by an unseen presence, they read the spell to send him back. They later read the invocation again, only this time the parchment is burned before they can read the dismissal. The revived corpse-like Baron goes into town and murders a doctor, starting a reign of terror against the villagers. With each murder victim he becomes more human yet can revert to his hideous appearance.

Gaining access to his hidden treasure, the Baron appears under the disguise of wheelchair-bound Alfred Becker and buys the castle. The murder spree has hurt the hotel project. Eva continues to work for Becker on renovating the castle as his home. After Eva is chased through the fog bound streets of the village by the Baron, Eva and Peter turn to a clairvoyant who puts them in touch with the spirit of Elisabeth Holle for clues on how to combat him. The little girl Gretchen who has seen both the "ghost" (the amubulatory Baron in corpse mode) and Becker (the Baron in human disguise) tell Eva and Peter that the eyes of the ghost and Becker are the same.