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Bear Island (1979)

Bear Island (1979)

aka Bear Island

Directed By: 
Details: 118 mins · English


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Small Frank Lansing
Small Heddi Lindguist
Small Otto Gerran
Small Lechinski
Small Judith Rubin
Small Smithy
No_movie_poster Paul Hartman
No_movie_poster Inge Van Zipper
No_movie_poster Heyter
No_movie_poster Jungbeck
No_movie_poster Marine Technician
No_movie_poster Laboratory Assistant
No_movie_poster Meteorological Assistant
Small Technician (Tommy)
No_movie_poster Radio Operator
No_movie_poster Cook
No_movie_poster Larsen
No_movie_poster Ship's Captain
No_movie_poster Ship's Radio Operator
No_movie_poster Helicopter Crewman


No_movie_poster William Hill Producer
No_movie_poster Alan Hume Director of Photography
Small Alistair MacLean Novel
No_movie_poster David Butler Screenplay
No_movie_poster Don Sharp Director
No_movie_poster Robert Farnon Original Music Composer
No_movie_poster Peter Snell Producer
No_movie_poster Tony Lower Editor


A UN expedition of scientists from different countries come to barren arctic Bear Island, between Svalbard and northern Norway, to study climate change. However, several of them turn out to be more interested in the fact that (according to the film) there was a German U-boat base on the island during World War II. American scientist Frank Lansing (Donald Sutherland) has come because his father was a U-boat commander who died there, and as accidents start to decimate the expedition he begins to realize that some of his colleagues are after a shipment of gold aboard the U-boat that his father commanded.

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