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Billy Rose's Jumbo (1962)

aka Billy Rose's Jumbo

Directed By: 
Written By: 
Details: 123 mins · English


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Small Kitty Wonder
Small Sam Rawlins
Small Anthony ('Pop') Wonder
No_movie_poster Lulu
Small John Noble


No_movie_poster Ben Hecht Theatre Play
No_movie_poster Charles Walters Director
No_movie_poster Joe Pasternak Production
No_movie_poster Martin Melcher Production


The Wonder Circus comes to a town in the Midwest with its featured attraction, Jumbo the elephant. Pop Warner owns the circus, but his continued gambling losses in crap games leaves him (and the circus) with an ever-growing number of IOUs.

His daughter, Kitty Wonder, hires a newcomer, Sam Rawlins, as both a performer and tent hand. She is unaware that Sam is the son of circus mogul John Noble, whose ambition is to buy the Wonder Circus for himself. Noble has been quietly buying up the IOUs with Sam's help and abruptly takes control of the family's business, leaving the Wonders without a show.

Kitty, Pop and his longtime fiancee Lulu go off on their own, forming a traveling carnival, but it isn't quite the same. Sam, however, has fallen in love with Kitty and has a guilty conscience about what he has done. Sam splits from his father and rejoins the Wonders, bringing with him an old friend of theirs, Jumbo.

Release Dates:

DVD : 2005-04-26