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Black Tuesday (1954)

aka Black Tuesday

Directed By: 
Written By: 
Details: 80 mins · English


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Small Vincent Canelli
Small Peter Manning
Small Hatti Combest
Small Father Slocum
Small Joey Stewart
Small Frank Carson
No_movie_poster Ellen Norris
No_movie_poster John Norris
No_movie_poster Dr. Hart
No_movie_poster Boland
Small Howard Sloane
No_movie_poster Donaldson
Small Collins
No_movie_poster Benny


No_movie_poster Hugo Fregonese Director
No_movie_poster Paul Dunlap Original Music Composer
No_movie_poster Robert Golden Editor
No_movie_poster Robert Goldstein Producer
No_movie_poster Stanley Cortez Director of Photography
No_movie_poster Sydney Boehm Writer


A violent con, Vincent Canelli (Robinson), escapes prison on the night of his execution. With the help of a phony newspaper reporter and Canelli's girlfriend, the con takes along five hostages including a priest.

Another inmate, Peter Manning, is taken along because Canelli wants the money Manning hid before going to jail. Manning is injured badly in the escape and leaves a bloody trail.

The gang ends up at a hideout where they're surrounded by police. Canelli threatens to kill hostages if he's not given safe passage and murders the priest to make his point. Manning is horrified and ends up killing Canelli, then giving up himself and the others to police.