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Blood from the Mummy's Tomb (1971)

aka Blood from the Mummy's Tomb

"A severed hand beckons from an open grave!"

Details: 94 mins · English · PG (USA)


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Small Margaret Fuchs / Queen Tera
No_movie_poster Professor Julian Fuchs
No_movie_poster Corbeck
No_movie_poster Geoffrey Dandridge
Small Professor Berrigan
No_movie_poster Tod Browning
No_movie_poster Helen Dickerson
No_movie_poster Doctor Putnum
No_movie_poster Mrs. Caporal
Small Young Male Nurse


Small Bram Stoker Novel
No_movie_poster Seth Holt Director
No_movie_poster Christopher Wicking Screenplay
No_movie_poster Michael Carreras Director
Small Bram Stoker Story Contributor


"A severed hand beckons from an open grave!"


An expedition led by British archeologist Professor Fuchs (Keir) attempts to locate the cursed tomb of an evil Egyptian princess. Her body is found to be perfectly, unnaturally preserved after two millennia. Fuchs becomes obsessed by Princess Tera's beauty and takes the body and sarcophagus back to London, building a secret shrine in his basement. Not long after, his daughter Margeret (Leon), who bears an uncanny resemblance to the princess, starts to experience strange dreams. A sinister man, who only she seems to notice, watches her from the derelict house across the road. Margaret begins to wonder if she's going mad, and starts experiencing wild personality changes. Soon the evil will of Tera, reaching up through the house, begins to periodically take over Margaret's mind and body. The strange man is revealed as Corbeck (Villiers), one of the expedition members, who is working to restore Tera to life and a new reign of terror, and with his help Margaret kills the other desecrators of Tera's tomb one by one. Corbeck, Margeret and her increasingly unhinged father start the ritual to awaken the princess. Professor Fuchs finally sees sense and convinces her to stop the ritual; together they overpower and kill Corbeck. Tera awakes, and in the attempt to stop Tera, the Professor is killed. After a long struggle, Margaret stabs Tera in the heart and she dies. In the end, Magaret wakes up from unconsciousness and finds herself in the hospital. Her whole body is wrapped in bandages and she is trying to say something.

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