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Bowery at midnight (1942)

aka Bowery at midnight

Directed By: 
Details: 61 mins · English


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Small Prof. Frederick Brenner
Small Richard Dennison
Small Judy Malvern
Small Frankie Mills
Small Charley
No_movie_poster Mrs. Brenner
No_movie_poster Fingers Dolan
No_movie_poster Capt. Mitchell
Small Pete Crawford
No_movie_poster Mrs. Malvern
No_movie_poster Doc Brooks
No_movie_poster "Trigger" Stratton
No_movie_poster Big Man
No_movie_poster Tramp questioned by Richard
No_movie_poster Det. Thompson
No_movie_poster Shopkeeper
No_movie_poster Tramp playing checkers at 'Friendly Mission'
No_movie_poster The Mayor
No_movie_poster A Friendly Mission tramp
No_movie_poster Motorist
No_movie_poster Henchman
No_movie_poster Newsboy


No_movie_poster Barney A. Sarecky Producer
No_movie_poster Sam Katzman Producer
No_movie_poster Carl Pierson Editor
No_movie_poster Jack Dietz Producer
No_movie_poster Wallace Fox Director
No_movie_poster Edward J. Kay Music
No_movie_poster Sam Robins Original Story
No_movie_poster Gerald Schnitzer Screenplay
No_movie_poster Mack Stengler Cinematography
No_movie_poster Dave Milton Art Direction
No_movie_poster Arthur Hammond Second Unit
No_movie_poster Glen Glenn Sound Engineer


Bowery at Midnight (1942) is a horror film starring Bela Lugosi. Lugosi plays a psychology professor by day who, secretly and under an assumed name, runs a Bowery soup kitchen by night called the Bowery Friendly Mission. Lugosi's character uses his soup kitchen as a means to recruit members of a criminal gang, of which he is also secretly the head.

Throughout the film, one of Lugosi's henchmen, a doctor who seems to be an alcoholic drug addict, alludes to having plans for the corpses of henchmen Lugosi has had killed. Then, at the end of the film, these corpses are revealed to have been restored to life by the doctor. Lugosi's character meets his demise when the doctor leads the unwitting Lugosi into a basement room where the reanimated corpses attack him.

Towards the end of the film, the male lead, played by John Archer, appears to be killed and mysteriously reanimated, in which state his girlfriend sees him. Then, in the film's final scene, he appears restored to his former health, and not like a zombie at all, and is about to (or already has) marry his girlfriend.

In one scene, with two policemen talking outside a cinema, a movie poster outside the cinema entrance behind them advertisies Bela Lugosi in "The Corpse Vanishes", another Lugosi horror film also released in 1942.