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Breaker Morant (1980)

aka Breaker Morant

Directed By: 
Details: 107 mins · English · PG (USA)


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Small Major J.F. Thomas
Small Captain Alfred Taylor
Small Lt. Peter Handcock
No_movie_poster Captain Simon Hunt
No_movie_poster Col. Ian 'Johnny' Hamilton
No_movie_poster Sargeant Major Drummond
No_movie_poster Corporal Sharp
No_movie_poster Christiaan Botha
No_movie_poster Lt. George Ramsdale Witton
No_movie_poster Major Charles Bolton
No_movie_poster Lord Horatio Kitchener
No_movie_poster Captain Robertson
No_movie_poster Sargeant Cameron
No_movie_poster Reverend H.V.C. Hess
No_movie_poster Boer Leader
No_movie_poster Dr. Johnson
No_movie_poster Visser
No_movie_poster Court Reporter
No_movie_poster Lt. Reed
No_movie_poster Black Guide
No_movie_poster Boer Singer
No_movie_poster Hunt's Sister
No_movie_poster Mrs. Shiels
No_movie_poster Mrs. Vanderberg
No_movie_poster Boer Girl
No_movie_poster B/M Thomas
No_movie_poster Boer Pianist
No_movie_poster Captain Nicholson
No_movie_poster Scots Sentry
No_movie_poster B/M Little
No_movie_poster Lt. Baxter
No_movie_poster Minister
No_movie_poster Feist
No_movie_poster Witton's Father
No_movie_poster Boer Girl
No_movie_poster English Orderly
No_movie_poster Boer Girl
No_movie_poster Judge Advocate
No_movie_poster Large Boer
No_movie_poster Handcock's Wife
Small Lt. Col. Denny
Small Lt. Harry 'Breaker' Morant


No_movie_poster Alison Barrett Casting
No_movie_poster Anna Senior Costume Design
No_movie_poster Bill Willoughby Stunts
No_movie_poster Bruce Beresford Director
No_movie_poster Bruce Beresford Writer
No_movie_poster Catherine Lamey Hairstylist
No_movie_poster Catherine Murphy Editor
No_movie_poster Chris Murray Special Effects
No_movie_poster Colin Williams Grip
No_movie_poster David Copping Production Design
No_movie_poster David Stevens Screenplay
No_movie_poster Dennis Hunt Stunts
No_movie_poster Donald McAlpine Cinematography
No_movie_poster Gary Wilkins Sound Recordist
No_movie_poster Greg Smith Stunts
No_movie_poster H.H. Morant Original Music Composer
No_movie_poster Heath Harris Stunts
No_movie_poster James Currie Boom Operator
No_movie_poster Jeanine Chiavlo Editor
No_movie_poster Jenny Day Location Manager
No_movie_poster Jim Townley Still Photographer
No_movie_poster Jim Willoughby Stunts
No_movie_poster Jonathan Hardy Screenplay
No_movie_poster Judy Lovell Makeup Artist
No_movie_poster Kenneth G. Ross Theatre Play
No_movie_poster Kenneth Ross Writer
No_movie_poster Matt Carroll Producer
No_movie_poster Mike Giddens Still Photographer
No_movie_poster Mont Fieguth Special Effects
No_movie_poster Pamela H. Vanneck Production Manager
No_movie_poster Peter Moss Camera Operator
No_movie_poster Peter Richards Still Photographer
No_movie_poster Phil Cuneen Music
No_movie_poster Phil Heywood Sound mixer
No_movie_poster Phil Judd Sound mixer
No_movie_poster Rob Young Gaffer
No_movie_poster Robin Morgan Grip
No_movie_poster Ross Erickson Grip
No_movie_poster Ruth De la Lande Costume Design
No_movie_poster William M. Anderson Editor
No_movie_poster William M. Anderson Editing


Three Australian Army officers of the Bushveldt Carbineers serving in South Africa during the Second Boer War (1899–1902) are on trial for murder. Lieutenants Harry "Breaker" Morant, Peter Handcock, and George Witton are accused of the murder of one Boer prisoner and the subsequent murders of six more. In addition, Morant and Handcock are accused of the sniper-style assassination of a German missionary, the Rev. H. C. V. Hesse. Their defence counsel, Major J. F. Thomas, has had only one day to prepare their defence.

Lord Kitchener, who ordered the trial, hopes to bring the Boer War to an end with a peace conference. To that end, he uses the Morant trial to show that he is willing to judge his own soldiers harshly if they disobey the rules of war. Although, as Major Thomas mentions in court, there are great complexities associated with charging active-duty soldiers with murder during battle, Kitchener is determined to have a guilty verdict, and the chief of the court, Lt. Colonel Denny, supports him.

Major Thomas' speech on the "barbarities of war" provides the climax of the film:

Release Dates:

DVD : 2008-01-15