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Brick (2005)

aka Brick

"A detective story."

Directed By: 
Written By: 
Details: 110 mins · English · R (USA)


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Small Brendan
Small Emily
Small Laura
Small The Pin
Small Assistant V.P. Trueman
Small Kara
No_movie_poster Tugger
Small Brad Bramish
Small Dode
Small The Brain


No_movie_poster Steve Yedlin Director of Photography
No_movie_poster Ram Bergman Producer
Small Rian Johnson Director
No_movie_poster Marcie Campbell Executive Producer
No_movie_poster Norman Dreyfuss Executive Producer
No_movie_poster Craig Johnson Executive Producer
No_movie_poster Lisa Johnson Executive Producer
No_movie_poster Mark G. Mathis Producer
No_movie_poster Nathan Johnson Original Music Composer
Small Rian Johnson Writer


"A detective story."


High school student Brendan Frye is living a lonely existence after breaking up with his girlfriend Emily Kostich and betraying his friend Jerr to the authorities.

Brendan receives a phone call from a terrified Emily. She begs him to help her, mentioning a "brick", "poor Frisco", "tug", and "the Pin" before abruptly and fearfully hanging up. Her fear appears to have been due to a passing car, from which a distinctive-looking cigarette was thrown. Brendan searches for Emily and arranges a meeting through Dode, leader of a stoner clique that Emily belongs to. When they meet, Emily recants what she had said on the phone and tells Brendan to let her go. Brendan steals her notepad during the encounter, finding a clue that leads him to her dead body.

Brendan takes it upon himself to solve her murder, enlisting the aid of an acquaintance named Brain. Brendan hides the body to avoid police intrusion. Brendan discovers that "The Pin" mentioned by Emily is a local drug baron. Brendan sets about getting The Pin's attention by beating up Brad Bramish, an arrogant jock and The Pin's regular customer. Afterwards, Brendan is beaten up by an unknown man.

Brendan meets The Pin and persuades him to consider Brendan for a spot in his operation. Laura, Brad's squeeze, tells Brendan that The Pin had rejected Emily's attempt to join, so she stole the title's brick. Laura offers to help Brendan, but he does not trust her. The Pin accepts Brendan. Brendan gets a call from Dode, who says he saw Brendan hide Emily's body and, believing Brendan to be the murderer, vows to ruin him. Brendan meets with The Pin, who suspects an uprising from Tug, the gang member who had earlier beat up Brendan.

Brendan learns that "poor Frisco" is Frisco Farr, a student who fell into a coma after injecting poorly-cut heroin. Brendan learns from Tug that The Pin initially received a shipment of ten bricks. He has sold eight. The ninth was stolen and replaced with one that had been doctored with detergent, causing Frisco's coma. The Pin interrupts to tell Tug about meeting someone who knows what happened to Emily. Brendan, weakened from several recent fistfights, intercepts Dode before the meeting and discovers Emily was pregnant when she died. Dode tries to tell Tug and The Pin that Brendan killed Emily, but Tug goes berserk and shoots Dode in the head. Tug then threatens The Pin, who walks away as Brendan faints due to internal bleeding.

Brendan awakens in Tug's bedroom, then Tug says he's at war with The Pin. Brendan arranges a meeting between Tug and The Pin. Brendan sleeps with Laura, noticing that she smokes the distinctive cigarettes he had seen after Emily's first phone call. At the meeting, chaos erupts when it is discovered that the tenth brick is missing. Tug beats The Pin to death while Brendan flees, escaping just as police arrive. As he goes he passes the trunk of Tug's car, where Emily's body is visible because he had hidden her there before the meeting to ensure that police pin her murder on Tug.

The next day, Brendan reveals to Laura that he knows she set Emily up to take the fall for Laura's theft of the ninth brick. She further manipulated Emily into meeting Tug, letting him believe he was responsible for Emily's pregnancy. It is revealed that Laura later stole the tenth brick. Brendan tells Laura he has put the truth in a note to Vice Principal Trueman, who finds the brick in Laura's locker. Laura vindictively tells Brendan that Emily expressed regret that she couldn't keep her pregnancy because she didn't love the prospective father, and that Emily was three months pregnant when she died, implying that the baby was his. The film ends with Brendan watching Laura as she walks away.

Release Dates:

Theatrical : 2006-04-07 : United States of America