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Bride of the Gorilla (1951)

aka Bride of the Gorilla

Written By:  Writer details not available
Details: 70 mins · English


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Small Barney Chavez
Small Dina Van Gleder
Small Commissioner Taro
Small Dr. Viet
Small Klaas Van Gelder
No_movie_poster Al-Long
No_movie_poster Larina
No_movie_poster Van Heusen
Small Nedo
No_movie_poster Native
No_movie_poster Stella Van Heusen
No_movie_poster Mme. Van Heusen
No_movie_poster Gorilla


No_movie_poster Edward G. Boyle Set Decoration
No_movie_poster Curt Siodmak Director
No_movie_poster Charles Van Enger Director of Photography
No_movie_poster Francis D. Lyon Editorial Manager
No_movie_poster Raoul Kraushaar Music
No_movie_poster Herman Cohen Production Supervisor
No_movie_poster Mort Glickman Music
No_movie_poster Jack Broder Producer
No_movie_poster Edward Leven Producer
No_movie_poster Frank Paul Sylos Art Direction
No_movie_poster Elmer Ellsworth Costume Supervisor
No_movie_poster Ann Kirk Hairstylist
No_movie_poster Gustaf Norin Makeup Artist
No_movie_poster Richard Dixon Second Unit
No_movie_poster Buddy Myers Sound Engineer
No_movie_poster Lee Zavitz Special Effects
No_movie_poster Betty Zackin Costume Supervisor
Small Robert Siodmak Director
No_movie_poster Francis D. Lyon Editing


Deep in the South American jungles, plantation manager Barney Chavez (Burr) kills his elderly employer in order to get to his beautiful wife Dina Van Gelder (Payton). However, an old native witch witnesses the crime and puts a curse on Barney, who soon after finds himself turning nightly into a rampaging gorilla. When a wise but superstitious police commissioner Taro (Chaney) is brought in to investigate the plantation owner's death and a rash of strange animal killings, he begins to suspect that all is not as it seems. Dina is also becoming suspicious with Barney, who seems to be more in love with the jungle than with her. She follows him one night into the jungle, only to be attacked by the feral Barney. The police chief follows her screams in the jungle and shoots Barney.