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Brief Encounter (1945)

aka Brief Encounter

"A story of the most precious moments in woman's life!"

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Details: 86 mins · English


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romantic classic

While the main character, Laura, is far too mopey at first for my taste, once the story gets going it's incredibly compelling. The film is dazzlingly romantic, and really quite heart-breaking at the end. I loved that the affair was never about the physical aspect of a relationship, but rather about the emotional connection - it made the whole thing much more poignant. I can see why this is such an enduring classic.

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Small Laura Jesson
Small Dr. Alec Harvey
Small Albert Godby
No_movie_poster Myrtle Bagot
No_movie_poster Fred Jesson
No_movie_poster Dolly Messiter
No_movie_poster Mary Norton
No_movie_poster Beryl Walters, Tea Room Assistant
Small Waiter at the Royal


Small Ronald Neame Producer
Small David Lean Director
Small Noel Coward Theatre Play
No_movie_poster Anthony Havelock-Allan Producer
No_movie_poster Robert Krasker Director of Photography
No_movie_poster Jack Harris Editor
No_movie_poster Lawrence P. Williams Art Direction
No_movie_poster George Blackwell Special Effects
Small Noel Coward Production
No_movie_poster Anthony Havelock-Allan Writer
Small David Lean Writer
Small Ronald Neame Writer
Small Noel Coward Story Contributor
No_movie_poster Jack Harris Editing


"A story of the most precious moments in woman's life!"


The film takes place around the end of 1938. Laura Jesson (Johnson), a suburban housewife in a dull but affectionate marriage, tells her story in the first person while at home with her husband, imagining that she is confessing her affair to him.

Conventional Laura, like many women of her class at that time, goes to a nearby town every Thursday for shopping and to the cinema for a matinée. Returning from one such excursion to Milford, while waiting in the railway station, she is helped by another passenger to remove a piece of grit from her eye. The passenger is Alec Harvey (Howard), an idealistic doctor who also works one day a week as a consultant at the local hospital. Both are in their later thirties, and each is married with two children.

Release Dates:

Theatrical : 1946-08-24 : United States of America

DVD : 2004-09-07

DVD : 2000-06-27