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Cannonball Run II (1984)

aka Cannonball Run II

"The popcorn's in the lobby. The nuts are on the screen."

Directed By: 
Details: 108 mins · English · PG (USA)


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Small J.J. McClure
Small Victor Prinzim
Small Jamie Blake
Small Morris Fenderbaum
Small Veronica
Small Hymie Kaplan
Small The Sheik
Small Betty
No_movie_poster Jill, Lamborghini Babe
Small Marcie, Lamborghini Babe
Small Jackie Chan, Mitsubishi Engineer
Small CHP Officer
Small Doctor Nikolas Van Helsing
Small Arnold, Mitsubishi Driver
Small CHP Officer
Small King
Small Terry
Small Pvt. Homer Lyle
Small Himself
No_movie_poster Pilot
Small The Slapper
No_movie_poster Don Don Canneloni
Small Tire Store Employee


No_movie_poster Albert S. Ruddy Screenplay
No_movie_poster Charles Graffeo Set Decoration
No_movie_poster Nick McLean Director of Photography
No_movie_poster Carl Kress Editor
No_movie_poster Harvey Miller Screenplay
No_movie_poster William D. Gordean Editor
No_movie_poster Raymond Chow Executive Producer
No_movie_poster Hal Needham Director
No_movie_poster Brock Yates Characters
Small Al Capp Original Music Composer
No_movie_poster Andre Morgan Executive Producer
No_movie_poster Thomas Azzari Art Direction
No_movie_poster Sally O'Rear Costume Design
No_movie_poster Norman Salling Costume Design
No_movie_poster Don Vargas Costume Design
No_movie_poster Tom Ellingwood Makeup Artist
No_movie_poster Bill Coker Unit Production Manager
No_movie_poster Marlene Rubenstein Post Production Supervisor
No_movie_poster Donald L. Bolger Boom Operator
No_movie_poster Hal Needham Writer


"The popcorn's in the lobby. The nuts are on the screen."

"Fasten your seatbelts. Those crazy Cannonballers are at it again!"


Having lost the first Cannonball Run race, Sheik Abdul ben Falafel (Jamie Farr) is ordered by his father (Ricardo Montalban) to go back to America and win another Cannonball Run in order to "emblazon the Falafel name as the fastest in the world." When Sheik Abdul points out that there is no Cannonball Run that year, his father simply tells him to "buy one."

To make sure his ulcer does not prevent him from winning, the Sheik hires Doctor Nikolas Van Helsing (Jack Elam), who teamed with JJ (Burt Reynolds) and Victor (Dom DeLuise) in the first race as his in-car physician. He brings along a blond-haired servant (Doug McClure), who receives numerous slaps in the face from both the sheik and his father. Most of the participants from the first race are lured back, including JJ and Victor, who have taken jobs working with a flying stunt crew.

In a subplot, Blake (Dean Martin) and Fenderbaum (Sammy Davis Jr.) are in financial trouble with Don Don Canneloni (Charles Nelson Reilly), who in turn is in financial trouble with mob enforcer Hymie Kaplan (Telly Savalas). After the Sheik manages to bail out Blake and Fenderbaum by handing one of Don Don's thugs a stack of cash, Don Don hatches a plot to kidnap the Sheik in an attempt to extort money from him.

The race begins with JJ and Victor dressed as a US Army general and his driver, a private. They catch the attention of Betty (Marilu Henner) and Veronica (Shirley MacLaine), who are dressed as nuns for a musical, but remain in character and hitch a ride with JJ and Victor when they think the guys could become overnight millionaires. They do not lose their habits until later.

Other racers include Mitsubishi engineer Jackie Chan, teamed with a giant behind the wheel (Richard Kiel) in a car able to go under water. In a red Lamborghini (white at first) with "two great-looking chicks in it" (as the cops chasing them continually say) is the duo of Susan Anton and Catherine Bach. Another team (Mel Tillis and Tony Danza) is accompanied by an orangutan, who at times appears to be the driver. They are pulled over at one point by traffic cops Tim Conway and Don Knotts.

JJ and Victor stop along the way to help a stranded soldier, Homer Lyle (Jim Nabors). They also get much better acquainted with their passengers, Betty and Veronica, who change into something a little more comfortable.

Don Don's enforcers (including Godfather film actors Alex Rocco, Abe Vigoda and Michael V. Gazzo) continue to blunder along the way, with disastrous and slapstick results.

The racers band together to invade a bordello. JJ, Victor, and Fenderbaum infiltrate it in drag, dressed as belly dancers. Others barrel in by car and rescue the Sheik, who is reluctant to leave, since he has his pick of women there. The three "dancers" and Blake go to their Leader (Frank Sinatra) to seek help, only to have him jump into the race himself.

In the end, the Sheik bankrolls Don Don's bordello and then declares that he is upping the stakes to $2 million for the winner. All jump into their vehicles and make a dash for the finish line, avoiding traffic patrollers on the way.

The Sheik, as it turns out, loses yet again, this time blaming the doctor who rode with him for injecting him with an unknown substance. But he convinces his father that he will win the return-trip race, having hired the winner of this one. It turns out to be an orangutan with a penchant for destructive behavior and giving elderly ladies the middle finger.

Release Dates:

Theatrical : 1984-06-29 : United States of America

DVD : 1999-06-22