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Captain Marvel (2019)

aka Captain Marvel

Directed By:  ,
Written By: 
Details: 124 mins · English


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Middling Marvel. The cast is good and, as usual with Marvel films, there's some welcome humour. The action scenes are functional and nothing spectacular, and for a galaxy-spanning story about one of the MCU's most powerful characters this often feels quite small scale.
But the plot is interesting, with some cool twists, and Brie Larson has a poise and strength, but she underplays, which gives the character a "more than meets the eye" quality. Ben Mendelsson is also very good.

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styleless film, bland and mostly dull. Brie Larson sadly doesn't feel like a hero nor person. Couple good fight scenes, amazing work on the CGI that makes Sam Jackson younger and nice chemistry between Larson and Jackson (and Goose the cat) give the movie a handfull light points. Captain Marvel feels more like a filler movie for the upcoming Avengers Endgame.

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I didn't really have many expectations either way when it came to this movie, but ended up really enjoying it. A great cast and I really enjoyed all the main characters. Oh, and I loved Maria and Monica, and how Monica was included when things concerned her, while still protected from unnecessary details.

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Small Carol Danvers / Vers / Captain Marvel
Small Nick Fury
Small Talos / Keller
Small Yon-Rogg
Small Supreme Intelligence
No_movie_poster Maria Rambeau
Small Agent Coulson


No_movie_poster Anna Boden Director
No_movie_poster Ryan Fleck Director
No_movie_poster Anna Boden Screenplay
No_movie_poster Ryan Fleck Screenplay
No_movie_poster Geneva Robertson-Dworet Screenplay
No_movie_poster Nicole Perlman Story
No_movie_poster Meg LeFauve Story
No_movie_poster Anna Boden Story
No_movie_poster Ryan Fleck Story
No_movie_poster Geneva Robertson-Dworet Story


In 1995, a woman known as Vers awakens on Hala, capital of the Kree empire. A member of the Kree Starforce, she suffers a recurring nightmare involving a battlefield and an older woman. Later, Vers' commanding officer, Colonel Yon-Rogg, warns her she must better control her unique ability to fire power blasts from her hands. When her temper gets the better of her, the headstrong young soldier is sent to meet the Supreme Intelligence, the A.I. ruler of the Kree. In the virtual reality in which the it communes with others, it takes the form of someone close to the person — in Vers' case, that of the woman in her nightmare.

Yon-Rogg leads Vers and fellow Starforce members Att-Lass, Bron-Char, Korath and Minerva to a planet infiltrated by the Skrulls, a race of alien shapeshifters that can perfectly simulate anyone, and with whom the Kree are at war. When attempting to extricate a captured spy, Vers is taken prisoner and subjected to a memory probe by the Skrulls' General Talos. Escaping with Talos and others in pursuit, she reaches Earth — crashing through into a Blockbuster Video store in Los Angeles. She rigs a communication device to contact Starforce, and her presence attracts police as well as S.H.I.E.L.D. agents Nick Fury and Phil Coulson. As they question her, they are fired upon by a Skrull in disguise. Vers pursues the alien, but after a fight aboard a train, loses him — though not without recovering a crystal containing her disjointed extracted memories, which her lead her to a bar in a nearby town. Meanwhile Fury, driving after Vers, discovers a Skrull impersonating Coulson. The alien dies when Fury purposefully crashes the car. Fury follows a lead to the bar with Vers, while Talos impersonates Fury's boss, Keller.