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Carnival Story (1954)

aka Carnival Story

"The story of a woman's shame!"

Directed By: 
Details: 95 mins · English


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Small Willie
Small Joe Hammond
Small Frank Colloni
Small Bill Vines
Small Charley Grayson
No_movie_poster Peggy
Small Groppo (as Adi Berber)


No_movie_poster Kurt Neumann Director
No_movie_poster Frank King Production
No_movie_poster Kurt Neumann Writer
No_movie_poster Hans Jacoby Writer
No_movie_poster Charles Williams Writer


"The story of a woman's shame!"


Grayson's traveling carnival comes to Munich with acts that include high-dive artist Frank Collini and silent strongman Groppo. A local girl named Willi picks the pocket of Joe, who works for the carny, but she ends up being offered a job.

Joe makes romantic advances to Willi, who tries to resist him but can't. Collini asks if she would like to become a part of his act, which involves diving into a flaming tank of water from a great height. He also proposes marriage on Willi's first night as part of the show.

Magazine photographer Bill comes to take their picture as The Great Collinis' fame grows. Collini gives a beating to Joe after catching him with Willi, whereupon he plunges to his death after a rung on his high-dive ladder breaks.

Willi inherits $5,000. Joe spends the night with her, but next morning is gone, as is her money. She eventually gets Joe to confess that he sawed Collini's rung in two, deliberately causing his death. As they quarrel, strongman Groppo comes to Willi's rescue, kills Joe and is led away by the police.