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Carry On Doctor (1967)

aka Carry On Doctor

Directed By: 
Written By: 
Details: 94 mins · English


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Small Doctor Jim Kilmore
Small Doctor Kenneth Tinkle
Small Charlie Roper
Small Nurse Sandra May
Small Chloë Gibson
Small Mr. Barron
Small Francis Bigger
Small Ken Biddle
Small Matron
Small Mr. Smith
No_movie_poster Sister Hoggett
No_movie_poster Sir Edmund Burke
No_movie_poster Mrs. Roper
No_movie_poster Chaplain
No_movie_poster Boy


No_movie_poster Alan Hume Director of Photography
No_movie_poster Weston Drury Jr. Casting
No_movie_poster Alfred Roome Editor
No_movie_poster Yvonne Caffin Costume Design
No_movie_poster Cedric Dawe Art Direction
No_movie_poster Gerald Thomas Director
No_movie_poster Talbot Rothwell Screenplay
No_movie_poster Peter Rogers Producer
No_movie_poster Eric Rogers Original Music Composer
No_movie_poster Alfred Roome Editing


Francis Bigger (Howerd) is a charlatan faith healer, convinced that "mind over matter" is more effective than medical treatment. During a lecture, he stumbles offstage and is admitted to the local hospital. In hospital, he incessantly groans and whines about being "maltreated", demanding better treatment than the other, eccentric patients. These include: bedridden layabout Charlie Roper (James) who shams illnesses to stay in hospital; Ken Biddle (Bresslaw) who makes frequent trips to the ladies' ward to flirt with his love interest, Mavis Winkle (Dilys Laye); and Mr Barron (Hawtrey) who seems to be suffering sympathy pains while his wife awaits the birth of their baby. While being treated, Bigger meets two very different doctors. Clumsy yet charming Dr Kilmore (Dale) is popular with the patients and loved from afar by the beautiful Nurse Clark (Harris) wile hospital registrar Dr Tinkle is universally detested, as is his battleaxe Matron (Jacques), who harbours an unrequited love for him.

After Bigger's arrival, novice nurse Sandra May (Windsor), arrives at the hospital with her intention to declare her (questionable) love for Tinkle, and enters Biggers room, violating hospital rules that female staff are not permitted in the male quarters. Matron and Kilmore burst in on her declarations of love, which are cruelly rebuffed by Tinkle. Matron throws Nurse May out, and she leaves while tearfully announcing she'd rather die than live without Tinkle. Dr Tinkle fears for his position after this incident, and contrives with Matron to get rid of Kilmore and Sandra May, lest they reveal the truth.

Shortly after, Sandra May climbs on to the roof of the nurses' home to sunbathe in her bikini top. Dr Kilmore and Nurse Clark assume she is going to throw herself off the roof in despair after Tinkle's rejection. Kilmore rushes to save her and climbs on to the roof. He realises she is sunbathing and prepares to leave, but Sandra assumes to her horror he is leering over her, and shrieks in fear. Her screams attract attention and soon the entire hospital staff and townspeople flock to watch. Nurse Clark attempts to help Kilmore before he falls off, but he accidentally tears her skirt off, leaving her in her underwear and stockings. Kilmore crashes through a window to safety, but lands in a bath... with a nurse in it, who assumes he is attacking her. His good reputation is destroyed among everyone except his patients.

Dr Kilmore is given a hearing with the hospital governor, but Matron and Tinkle deny his revelation of Sandra May's fight with Tinkle. As Sandra May has left the hospital, Kilmore has no proof to support him and is forced to resign. Nurse Clark reports the treachery of Tinkle and Matron to the patients and together they decide to exact revenge upon the pair for what they have done.