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Catch-22 (1970)

aka Catch-22

Directed By: 
Details: 121 mins · English, Italiano · R (USA)


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Small Captain John Yossarian, (Bombardier)
Small Colonel Cathcart (CO, 256th Squadron)
Small Major Danby (Flight Operations Officer)
Small Captain Nately
Small Dr. "Doc" Daneeka
Small Lt. Colonel Korn (XO / Roman policeman)
Small Maj. Major Major
Small Chaplain Capt. A.T. Tappman
Small Nurse Duckett
Small Brigadier General Dreedle
Small Orr
No_movie_poster McWatt
Small Colonel Moodus
Small Sergeant Towser
Small "Aarfy" Aardvark
Small 1st Lt. Milo Minderbinder
Small Yossarian
Small Dobbs


No_movie_poster Martin Ransohoff Producer
No_movie_poster Mike Nichols Director
Small Buck Henry Screenplay
No_movie_poster John Calley Producer
No_movie_poster David Watkin Director of Photography
No_movie_poster Sam O'Steen Editor
No_movie_poster Joseph Heller Original Story
No_movie_poster Joseph Heller Story Contributor
No_movie_poster Sam O'Steen Editing


Captain Yossarian (Arkin), a U.S. Army Air Forces B-25 bombardier, is stationed on the Mediterranean island of Pianosa during World War II. Along with other members of his squadron, Yossarian is committed to flying dangerous missions, and after watching his friends die, he seeks a means of escape.

Futilely appealing to his commanding officer, Colonel Cathcart (Balsam), who keeps increasing the number of missions required to be sent home before anyone can reach it, Yossarian finds that even a mental breakdown is no release when Doc Daneeka (Gilford) invokes the "Catch-22" that the US Army employs. As explained, an airman "would be crazy to fly more missions and sane if he didn't, but if he was sane he'd have to fly them. If he flew them he was crazy and didn't have to; but if he didn't, he was sane and had to."

Trapped by the convoluted logic, Yossarian watches as individuals in the squadron resort to other means to cope; Lt. Milo Minderbinder (Voight) concocts elaborate black market schemes while crazed Captain "Aarfy Aardvark" (Grodin) even commits murder. Lieutenant Nately (Garfunkel) falls for a prostitute, Major Danby (Benjamin) delivers goofy pep talks before each bomb run and Captain Orr (Balaban) keeps crash-landing. In the meantime, Nurse Duckett (Prentiss) resorts to bedding Yossarian once in a while.

Following an attempt on his life, Yossarian flees the hospital and sets out in a raft, paddling to Sweden, a refuge for one of his squadron mates who successfully figured out a way to escape the madness.

Release Dates:

DVD : 2001-05-22