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Chathikkatha Chanthu

aka Chathikkatha Chanthu

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Details: · Malayalam


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420 chars remaining..!!
420 chars remaining..!!


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Chandu (Jayasurya) has a problem with his name: Everyone who hears it instantly believes that he is a cheat (Chathiyan Chandu).

He wants to be a famous script writer. He approaches all directors, but his stories are flops. So he decides to write his own story.

Chandu is the son of a servant who works in a big mansion. The master's (Janardhanan) daughter Indira (Bhavana) is in love with Chandu. But Chandu doesn't want to "hurt" his master. So he refuses Indira's love, but Indira never gives up. One day Janardhanan gets hold of the love story and wants Chandu to give up. He asks Chandu to write letters that will describe his love with an imaginary "Vasumathi" in an imaginary "Thottakkattukara" village. Janardhanan purposefully gives Bhavana the letters which makes her heartbroken. In one of those letters Janardhanan asks Chandu to write that he is planning to leave town with "Vasumathi" which completely breaks Indira's heart. But she posts all the letters after reading them. Thampuran (Janardhanan) then asks Chandu to leave town.

Now as fate permits, there really is a "Vasumathi" (Navya Nair) in a real Thottakkattukara village, who is on the verge of suicide (reason revealed later). Chandu's letters give her hope, and she decides to leave town as per the last letter. But there comes the clash: In the Madras bus there is Krishnan (Vineeth) to whom Chandu tells his own story and tells him that even if the real Vasumathi comes he will not accept her. Hearing the story Krishnan and the passengers in the bus feels sorry for her ask her to go back to her home. However krishnan takes chandhu and vasumathi with him to his stay place. The next day he takes them to his shooting spot there chandhu tells his story to Lal who is the director of the movie he also adds that Vasumathi comes out of the home believing those letters. When Lal tells that no girl will come like that stupidly Vasumathi opens her story that she was born in a rich family and her relations kills her mother and granny and cruelly treats her as if she was possessed by demons. She was tortured everyday by a Hindu priest. So she decides to die at that time she receives the letter. She completely believes that there is someone for her and comes out of her home. When Vasumathi finishes her story Krishnan says to Lal that it was her own life and they decides to make them join together. And suddenly there is a twist Bhavana arrives the place the total plan collapses.And then in the absence of Krishnan Vasumathi was compelled to go with her brother-in-law. When krishnan returns home he reveals the truth to Chandhu. After that the entire movie team rescues Vasumathi. At last there was a happy ending. A wedlock between Chandhu and Vasumathi as well as Indira (bhavana)and Krishnan.