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Chicken with Plums (2011)

Chicken with Plums (2011)

aka Chicken with Plums

Details: 93 mins · English, French · 14A (Canada)


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This movie had good actors and great cinematography. From a cultural point of view, I do not know how real was the background, but I had heard of the story about Azrael told in the movie. It's a romantic fantasy well told but not believable, or perhaps the problem for me was that I thought the main character was too detestable to classify as a romantic.

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As a young man violinist Nasser Ali Khan (Mathieu Amalric) met Irâne (Golshifteh Farahani) and felt she was the one and only[clarification needed] for him. Unfortunately her father pursued different plans and forced her into a wedding with an army officer. The dismayed musician could only carry on because his mentor gave him a special violin and advised him to sublimate his affliction. Consequently he became a renowned artist and eventually married another woman. Nonetheless in his mind he is still with Irâne. When his lack of affection for his family leads to serious dispute between him and his wife she destroys his beloved violin. It strikes him he is no longer up to make music as he did before and therefore he is longing for death. After he has in vain tried to take his life in many ways, he decides to simply lie down until death will have him. But before that happens he is awash in visions of the past and the film lets the spectator accompany him on this bizarre and strangely beautiful journey.

Release Dates:

Theatrical : 2012-02-10 : Romania

Theatrical : 2011-12-29 : Greece

Theatrical : 2011-11-16 : Belgium

Theatrical : 2011-10-26 : France

Theatrical : 2012-01-05 : Germany

Theatrical : 2012-04-06 : Italy

Theatrical : 2012-03-15 : Hungary

Theatrical : 2012-06-21 : Hong Kong

Theatrical : 2012-07-26 : Portugal

Theatrical : 2012-04-19 : Netherlands

Theatrical : 2012-08-03 : Spain

Theatrical : 2012-08-03 : Taiwan

Theatrical : 2012-10-11 : Portugal

Theatrical : 2012-06-15 : Turkey

Theatrical : 2012-11-10 : Japan

Theatrical : 2012-10-18 : Portugal

Theatrical : 2012-12-28 : Poland

Theatrical : 2013-04-12 : Norway

2011-11-11 : Greece

2011-10-21 : Brazil

2011-10-03 : Germany

2011-10-19 : Belgium

2011-09-09 : Canada

2011-09-27 : Switzerland

2011-09-03 : Italy

2011-10-25 : Japan

2011-10-08 : South Korea

2012-06-15 : United States of America

2012-04-30 : United States of America

2012-10-25 : Japan

2012-09-29 : Iceland

2012-04-22 : United States of America