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Chocolat (2000)

aka Chocolat

"One taste is not enough"

Directed By: 
Details: 122 mins · English, French · PG-13 (USA)


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Joie de Vivre! An expression of the joys of life

I recall liking this film when first I watched it. A second viewing confirms my first impressions. If anything, I enjoyed the film more now than at that first viewing. It seems to be that perfect film one watches on a rainy, overcast, chilly day and is warmed by the deep emotions evoked by it. Perhaps you will join me in a hot chocolate.

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Not as good as I had expected... but then the book wasn't either.

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Small Vianne Rocher
Small Comte Paul de Reynaud
Small Roux
Small Caroline Clairmont
Small Armande Voizin
Small Jean-Marc Drou
Small Francoise Drou
No_movie_poster Pere Henri
Small Josephine Muscat
Small Serge Muscat
No_movie_poster Luc Clairmont
No_movie_poster Anouk Rocher
No_movie_poster Dedou Drou
No_movie_poster Didi Drou
No_movie_poster Yvette Marceau
Small Alphonse Marceau
Small Madame Audel
No_movie_poster Guillaume Blerot


No_movie_poster Roger Pratt Director of Photography
No_movie_poster Alan C. Blomquist Executive Producer
Small Bob Weinstein Executive Producer
No_movie_poster Billy Hopkins Casting
No_movie_poster Rachel Portman Original Music Composer
No_movie_poster Suzanne Smith Casting
No_movie_poster Lasse Hallström Director
No_movie_poster Joanne Harris Novel
No_movie_poster Robert Nelson Jacobs Screenplay
No_movie_poster David Brown Producer
No_movie_poster Mark Cooper Producer
No_movie_poster Kit Golden Producer
No_movie_poster Leslie Holleran Producer
No_movie_poster Meryl Poster Executive Producer
No_movie_poster Andrew Mondshein Editor
No_movie_poster Kerry Barden Casting
No_movie_poster David Gropman Production Design
No_movie_poster Lucy Richardson Art Direction
No_movie_poster Stephanie McMillan Set Decoration
No_movie_poster Renee Ehrlich Kalfus Costume Design
No_movie_poster Christine Beveridge Makeup Artist
No_movie_poster Sallie Jaye Makeup Artist
No_movie_poster Elizabeth Yianni-Georgiou Makeup Artist
No_movie_poster Patty York Makeup Artist
No_movie_poster Dan Korintus Sound Editor
No_movie_poster Kyrsten Mate Comoglio Sound Designer
No_movie_poster David Boulton ADR & Dubbing
No_movie_poster David Carbonara Music Editor
Small Harvey Weinstein Executive Producer
No_movie_poster Joanne Harris Story Contributor


"One taste is not enough"

"A comic fable from the director of "The Cider House Rules"."

"What do you see?"

"...and the world is still indulging!"

"One Taste Is All It Takes"


Vianne Rocher (Juliette Binoche), an expert chocolatier, drifts across Europe with her daughter Anouk (Victoire Thivisol). In the winter of 1959, they travel to a tranquil French village that closely adheres to tradition, as led by the village mayor, Comte Paul de Reynaud (Alfred Molina). Vianne opens a Chocolaterie just as the villagers begin observing the forty days of Lent, much to the chagrin of Reynaud. Vianne, who wears more provocative clothing, does not go to church, and has an illegitimate child, does not fit in well with the town's people, but is nevertheless optimistic about her business. Her friendly and alluring nature begins to win the villagers over one by one, causing Reynaud to openly speak against her for tempting the people during a time of abstinence and self-denial.

One of the first to fall under the spell of Vianne and her confections is Armande (Judi Dench), her elderly, eccentric landlady. Armande laments that her cold, devoutly pious daughter Caroline (Carrie-Anne Moss) will not let Armande see her grandson Luc because Caroline thinks Armande is a "bad influence". Vianne arranges for Luc and his grandmother to see each other in the chocolaterie, where they develop a close bond. Caroline later reveals to Vianne that her mother is a diabetic, though Armande continues to indulge in the chocolate despite her condition.

Vianne also develops a friendship with a troubled woman, Josephine (Lena Olin), who is a victim of brutal beatings by her alcoholic husband Serge (Peter Stormare). After a particularly brutal blow to the head, Josephine leaves her husband and moves in with Vianne and Anouk. As she begins to work at the chocolaterie and Vianne teaches her craft, Josephine becomes a self-confident, changed woman. Under the instruction of Reynaud, Serge seemingly changes into a better man and he asks Josephine to come back to him. Finally happy and fulfilled, Josephine declines. A drunken Serge breaks into the chocolaterie later that night and attempts to attack both women before Josephine, in a moment of empowerment, knocks him out with a skillet.

As the rivalry between Vianne and Reynaud worsens, a band of river gypsies camp out on the outskirts of the village. While most of the town objects to their presence, Vianne embraces them, developing a mutual attraction to the gypsy Roux (Johnny Depp). Together they hold a birthday party for Armande with other village members and gypsies on Roux's boat. When Caroline sees Luc, who snuck out to go to the party, dancing with her mother, she begins to see how rigid she is with her son and that his grandmother's influence in his life may not be a bad thing.

After the party, Vianne, Josephine, and Anouk all sleep on the boats, where Roux and Vianne make love. Late that night, Serge sets the boat on fire where Josephine and Anouk are sleeping. Both escape unharmed, but Vianne's faith in the village is shaken. Also that night, Luc returns to his grandmother's living room to see that she has succumbed to the complications of her diabetes, devastating both him and his mother. After the fire, Roux packs up and leaves with his group, much to Vianne's sadness.

Deciding she cannot win against Reynaud or the strict traditions of the town, Vianne resolves to move to another place. Just before she does so, she goes into her kitchen to see a group of townspeople who have come to love her and the way she has changed their lives, making chocolate for a festival Vianne had planned on Easter Sunday. Realizing that she has brought change to the town, she decides to stay.

Despite the shifting sentiment in the town, Reynaud remains staunch in his abstinence from pleasures such as chocolate. On the Saturday evening before Easter, convinced that chocolate is something that will make people stray from their faith in God, he sneaks into Vianne's house with the idea that he will ruin all of Vianne's preparations for the Easter festival. Instead, after accidentally tasting a dabble of chocolate that fell on his lips, he finally gives in to the temptation and devours the chocolate before collapsing into tears and eventually falling asleep. The next day, Vianne promises not to reveal what happened, and a mutual respect between them is established. Roux returns in the summer to be with her, and despite her constant need for change, Vianne resolves to stay, having found a home for herself and her daughter in the village.

Release Dates:

DVD : 2001-08-07