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Cinema Verite (2011)

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Cinema Verite (2011)

aka Cinema Verite

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Details: 86 mins · English


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Small Bill Loud
Small Pat Loud
Small Craig Gilbert
Small Lance Cloud
Small Michelle Loud
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Small Alan Raymond
Small Cameron
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No_movie_poster Kevin Loud
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No_movie_poster Patti Podesta Production Design
No_movie_poster Sarah Flack Editor
No_movie_poster Affonso Beato Director of Photography
No_movie_poster Meg Everist Set Decoration
No_movie_poster Randi Hiller Casting
No_movie_poster Rolfe Kent Original Music Composer
No_movie_poster Gavin Polone Executive Producer
No_movie_poster Zanne Devine Executive Producer
No_movie_poster Shari Springer Berman Director
No_movie_poster Robert Pulcini Director
No_movie_poster Suttirat Anne Larlarb Costume Design
No_movie_poster Karyn McCarthy Producer
Small David Seltzer Writer
No_movie_poster Robert Pulcini Editing


The film begins in 1971 with Craig Gilbert (James Gandolfini) discussing with Pat Loud (Diane Lane) the idea of a documentary series that would concern her family's day to day lives. Pat considers the proposal and accepts, amidst her son Lance (Thomas Dekker) moving to New York City. Pat's husband Bill (Tim Robbins) travels often away on business, leaving his wife alone to care for their five children.

The crew (Patrick Fugit, Shanna Collins) moves in with the Louds and begins to document them. Relations between Pat and Bill grow frayed due to his time away and the stress of the TV show's production. Gilbert tells Pat of his suspicions surrounding Bill's trips away, giving fairly strong evidence that he is cheating on her. The crew fights with Gilbert about his documentary technique, as he makes them film many personal moments.

After surreptitiously duplicating the keys to Bill's office, Pat makes a late night trip to the office and discovers documents that confirm he is cheating on Pat with two other women, resulting in Pat's preparations to file for a divorce. Angry, she tells Gilbert to have cameras there when she tells Bill, wanting "his bimbos to see it, the whole world to see it." Against her wishes, he films Pat's conversation with her brother and his wife.

Pat begins to regret her decision to let Gilbert film the break up, and tries to get one of her sons to tell him while driving Bill home instead. He, however, does not work up the courage to do this, and Pat kicks Bill out of her home on camera.

The film cuts to one year later, when An American Family is experiencing its premiere. The show airs to strong television ratings but much criticism of members of the family, in particular Pat for how she came off on camera and Lance for his homosexuality. The family then gets together to "fight back", addressing their critics by appearing on many talk shows.

Title cards at film's end offer updates for each Loud family member. Lance died of AIDS in 2001, his last wish for his parents to move back in with each other. They currently live together in Los Angeles.