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Cockneys vs Zombies (2012)

aka Cockneys vs Zombies

Directed By: 
Written By: 
Details: 88 mins · English


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Small Katy
Small Terry Macguire
Small Andy Macguire
No_movie_poster Ray Macguire
No_movie_poster Bus Hit Zombie
Small Emma
Small SO19 Armed Police
Small Eric
No_movie_poster Doreen
No_movie_poster Davey Tuppence
Small Peggy
Small Hamish


No_movie_poster James Moran Writer
No_movie_poster Matthias Hoene Director
No_movie_poster Neil Farrell Editing


In a building site in the East End of London, two construction workers discover a 17th century graveyard condemned by Charles II and are bitten by zombies, setting off a zombie outbreak in the area.

Terry Macguire MacGuire and his younger brother Andy are planning a bank robbery so they can save their ex-gangster grandfather Ray's retirement home from being demolished by property developers, along with the assistance of their cousin Katy, hopeless Davey Tuppence and "Mental" Mickey, an unstable war veteran who has a large supply of weapons. During the robbery, the bank manager presses an emergency button and the police are alerted. The gang take Emma and Clive hostage. Upon leaving the bank, however, they find that the police have been killed by a growing horde of zombies. They escape in a van.

Meanwhile, at the retirement home, the zombies attack the residence. Ray and residents Peggy, Daryl, Doreen and Eric take refuge in the kitchen. Ray rescues also rescues resident Hamish and gets him inside.

Terry's group arrive at an abandoned site, where Mickey is bitten by the zombie. Emma pleads with Mickey and Davey to let her and Clive go, saying she does not care about their 'selfish' plans, in which Katy tells her that they are not robbing the bank for themselves, but to save the retirement home. Mickey decides to leave and takes Emma and Clive with him and ties them up. After Mickey dies and turns into a zombie, he is promptly destroyed by Terry, who rescues Emma and Clive. Clive picks up Mickey's gun and threatens the group, but is promptly eaten by zombies, shooting Davey dead in the process. The rest of the group escape, on the way stopping to look for Emma's younger sister, whom Terry and Emma find as a zombie, but Emma decides not to kill her in case a cure is found.

Having themselves heavily armed with at Mickey's gun cache, Terry, Andy, Katy and Emma arrive at the retirement home in a double-decker bus. There, they manage to break the zombie siege and rescue Ray and the other surviving residents. They all then go into the bus, but it breaks down on the way and the group are forced to abandon it. They eventually find a boat which Peggy steals, but it is still chained up. Ray decides to sacrifice himself to save the others, but he still manages to survive and joins the others on the boat as they make their final escape. On the river, the group wonder what will happen next, in which Ray tells them that they can take East London back for themselves.

Release Dates:

Theatrical : 2013-08-02 : United States of America