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Coco (2017)


Directed By: 
Details: 109 mins · English


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Pixar's latest masterpiece

Coco is a heartening reminder that Pixar remains at the very top of its game. It does everything that Pixar has always excelled at – a brilliant high concept, jaw-droppingly gorgeous animation, and making audiences ugly-cry for the last ten minutes. Is the story predictable? Yes. Is it surprisingly dark for a kids movie? Also yes. Was there a dry eye in the house? Absolutely not.

Coco is a superlative achievement, far and away the best animation of the year.

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Pixar back on top form. The visuals are gorgeous, with the city of the dead in particular a riot of colour and imagination. It's surprisingly tightly plotted and twisty, but the big emotions are seamlessly woven in and the ending will seriously pummel your tear ducts.

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I think this had been hyped too much, because it certainly couldn't live up to my expectations. It was alright and kept me nicely entertained, but I have absolutely no need to see it again.

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No_movie_poster Miguel Rivera
Small Hector
Small Ernesto de la Cruz


Small Lee Unkrich Directing
No_movie_poster Darla K. Anderson Production
Small Michael Giacchino Music
No_movie_poster Adrian Molina Screenplay
No_movie_poster Matthew Aldrich Screenplay
No_movie_poster Danielle Feinberg Cinematographer
No_movie_poster Matt Aspbury Cinematographer


Despite his family's generation-old ban on music, Miguel dreams of becoming an accomplished musician like his idol Ernesto de la Cruz, deceased Mexican music and film star. Desperate to prove his talent, Miguel and his dog Dante find themselves in the Land of the Dead. Along the way, they meet charming trickster Hector and together they set off on an extraordinary journey to unlock the real story behind Miguel's family history.