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Company Man (2001)

aka Company Man

Written By:  Writer details not available
Details: 86 mins · English · PG-13 (USA)


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No_movie_poster Senator Farwood
No_movie_poster Stenographer
No_movie_poster Alan Quimp
Small Daisy Quimp
No_movie_poster Mr. Judge
No_movie_poster Skull and Bones Waiter
No_movie_poster Older Man
No_movie_poster Younger Man
No_movie_poster Fobbs
Small Petrov
No_movie_poster Woman in line
No_movie_poster Mr. Brisk
Small Nora
No_movie_poster Mother Quimp
Small Fred Quimp
No_movie_poster Tom Quimp
No_movie_poster Chuck Quimp
Small Officer Fry
No_movie_poster Man on the beach
No_movie_poster Cuban waiter (as himself)
No_movie_poster Betty Crichton
No_movie_poster Sally Smith
No_movie_poster Field worker
No_movie_poster Rosa (as Darlene Dahl)
Small Crocker Johnson
Small General Batista
Small Fidel Castro
No_movie_poster Guard 1
No_movie_poster Audience member
No_movie_poster The Lifeguards (Band member)
No_movie_poster Marilyn Monroe
No_movie_poster The Lifeguards (Band member)
No_movie_poster The Lifeguards (Band member)
No_movie_poster The Lifeguards (Band member)
No_movie_poster Aide (as himself)
Small Danny
No_movie_poster Emissary (Gorbachev)
No_movie_poster Cuban man (as himself)
No_movie_poster President Kennedy
No_movie_poster JFK's 3:30
No_movie_poster JFK's 3:30
No_movie_poster JFK's 3:30
No_movie_poster Officer Emmons
Small Lowther (uncredited)
No_movie_poster Croupier (uncredited)
Small Senator Biggs
Small Officer Hickle


No_movie_poster Douglas McGrath Director
No_movie_poster Peter Askin Director


In the 1960s, Alan Quimp is a schoolteacher of English grammar and married with the very demanding woman Daisy Quimp. In order to avoid the constant mockery in Daisy's family, Alan says that he is a secret CIA agent. Daisy tells everybody, the CIA acknowledges the lie, but due to a coincidence, Alan has just helped and hidden the professional Russian dancer Petrov who wanted to leave Russia. The CIA decides to hire Alan as an agent, to get the credits of bringing Petrov to USA, and immediately decides to send him to a very calm place, Cuba.

Release Dates:

DVD : 2001-08-28