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Crucible of Terror (1971)

aka Crucible of Terror

Directed By:  ,
Details: 91 mins · English


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Small Victor Clare
No_movie_poster John Davies
No_movie_poster Millie
No_movie_poster Michael Clare
No_movie_poster Dorothy Clare
No_movie_poster Bill
No_movie_poster Jane Clare
No_movie_poster Marcia
No_movie_poster Joanna Brent
No_movie_poster George Brent
No_movie_poster Chi-San


No_movie_poster Peter Newbrook Cinematography
No_movie_poster Ted Hooker Director
No_movie_poster Ted Hooker Writer
No_movie_poster Tom Parkinson Writer
No_movie_poster Paris Rutherford Original Music Composer
No_movie_poster Maxine Julius Editor
No_movie_poster Ted Hooker Director


Jack Davies, an art dealer from London, does a deal with a friend of his Michael Clare, the son of a gifted artist Victor Clare. Michael smuggles out some of his father's works and Davies sells them for a large sum at his gallery, splitting the profit between them. Davies and Michael Clare are both in need of more money and realising that Victor Clare's works are worth a fortune they decide to acquire some more. Unfortunately, Victor Clare is a recluse, who lives in isolation above an abandoned tin mine in Cornwall. As it would be impossible to smuggle out any more of the paintings without being noticed, Davies decides to offer the artist a deal for hard cash.

They travel to Cornwall with their wives, and they find it an odd and disconcerting experience. Victor Clare's wife has regressed into a second childhood, while he spends his time having affairs with his models. The only sense of normality is apparently provided by Bill, Victor's only friend, who cooks dinner for them.