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Cry of the City (1948)

aka Cry of the City

Directed By: 
Details: 95 mins · English, Italiano


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Small Lt. Candella
Small Martin Rome
Small Lt Collins
Small Brenda Martingale
Small Miss Pruett
Small W. A. Niles
No_movie_poster Tony Rome
Small Teena Riconti
Small Rose Given
Small Ledbetter
No_movie_poster Orvy
Small Miss Boone, Nurse
Small Papa Roma


Small Robert Siodmak Director
No_movie_poster Richard Murphy Screenplay
No_movie_poster Henry Edward Helseth Novel
No_movie_poster Sol C. Siegel Production
No_movie_poster Ben Hecht Writer


Martin Rome (Richard Conte), a hardened criminal, is recuperating in a hospital from a shootout that leaves a police officer dead.

At the hospital, he is briefly visited by his fiancée, Teena Ricante (Debra Paget). A shady lawyer representing another crook, Niles, (Berry Kroeger) claims that he participated in a jewel robbery with her in which a woman was killed. Rome is innocent of the jewel robbery, but the police suspect that he carried out the robbery in conjunction with Teena, and begin a search for her.

With the help of a trusty (Walter Baldwin), he escapes from the prison ward, afraid that the lawyer will try to frame Teena and himself. He is pursued by an old adversary, police lieutenant Candella (Victor Mature), who grew up in his neighborhood and knows his family.

Rome, feverish from his bullet wounds, receives help from his brother Tony, who worships him, and an old girlfriend Brenda (Shelley Winters). Meanwhile, Candella and his partner (Fred Clark), track him down through the streets of New York. He locates the female accomplice of the real jewel thief/murderer, a strongly built masseuse named Rose Givens (Hope Emerson). He deceives her into being apprehended by the police. In the struggle she shoots at Rome, wounding Candella.

Candella, shot in the shoulder, flees the hospital in his obsessive pursuit of Rome, ultimately tracking him down and killing him. Just before that happens, Tony refuses his brother's request that he steal their parents' savings, in a final break with his brother's criminality.

The film describes the odd relationship between these two men, their seeming bond as the pursuit ends in death for Rome.