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Custer of the West (1968)

aka Custer of the West

Directed By: 
Written By: 
Details: 140 mins · English · G (USA)


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Small George Armstrong Custer
Small Elizabeth Bacon Custer
No_movie_poster Maj. Marcus Reno
Small Frederick Benteen
Small Gen. Philip Sheridan
Small The gold miner
Small Chief Dull Knife


Small Robert Siodmak Director
No_movie_poster Irving Lerner Production
No_movie_poster Philip Yordan Production
No_movie_poster Bernard Gordon Writer


With no better offers to be had, famous American Civil War upstart officer George Armstrong Custer takes over the Western Cavalry maintaining the peace in the Dakotas. He soon learns that the U.S. treaties are a sham, that Indian lands are being stolen and every excuse for driving them off their hunting grounds is being encouraged. With his wife Elizabeth (Mary Ure) Custer goes in and out of favor in Washington, while failing to keep wildcatting miners like his own deserting Sergeant Mulligan (Robert Ryan) from running off to prospect for gold in Indian country. After trying to humble the prideful Indian warrior Sitting Bull (Kieron Moore), Custer leads the 7th Cavalry into defeat.