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D-Day The Sixth of June (1956)

aka D-Day The Sixth of June

"The Great Love Story of the Great War"

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Details: 106 mins · English


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Small Capt. Brad Parker
Small Lt. Col. John Wynter
Small Valerie Russell
Small Lt. Col. Alexander Timmer
Small Maj. Mills
Small Brig. Russell
Small Raymond Boyce
No_movie_poster Dan Stenick


No_movie_poster Henry Koster Director
No_movie_poster Charles Brackett Production
No_movie_poster Harry Brown Writer
No_movie_poster William Mace Editing


"The Great Love Story of the Great War"


A few hours before D-Day, Special Force Six embarks to destroy an especially well-defended German gun emplacement on the Normandy coast. As the ship steams towards it, the officers and men recall what circumstances brought them there, especially Wynter and Parker.

Captain Brad Parker, an American paratrooper invalided out because of a broken leg suffered during a parachute jump is posted to the headquarters of the European Theatre of Operations in London. At the Red Cross club, he meets and, despite being married, falls in love with Valerie Russell a Women's Royal Army Corps subaltern. Valerie is the daughter of a crusty Brigadier who's been on sick leave since being wounded at Dunkirk. Valerie is also already in love with Captain John Wynter of the British Commandos, a friend of her father.

Both officers are posted overseas, but later return. Parker has volunteered to join what becomes Special Force Six, to be led by his former commander, Lt. Colonel (now Colonel) Timmer.

With only a few hours before the operation is due to embark, Timmer goes to pieces (partly as a result of his earlier bad experiences in the failed Dieppe landing) and is arrested whilst drunk and breaking security. Wynter, now a Colonel, who has recovered from being badly wounded, is brought in to command the operation.

The operation is a success, despite several killed and wounded. Wynter is killed when he steps on a mine. Parker is badly wounded and evacuated.

In hospital, and due to be repatriated, he sees Valerie for the last time. She does not tell him that Wynter has been killed.

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