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Dead Man (1995)

aka Dead Man

Directed By: 
Written By: 
Details: 121 mins · English, Cree · R (USA)


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Some are born to sweet delight. This movie wasn't

Johnny Depp is an accountant from Ohio who loses his fiancee (no details given as to how or why) and heads out to the Old West, where the job he was promised is not waiting for him. He meets a nice girl and spends the night with her, only to see her gunned down when one of her other lovers walks in. Depp kills the man, and the movie at this point kills all the rest of the potential it had for any good storytelling, action, or drama. It just kind of wanders around not knowing what to do with itself. It's full of long silent takes that seem as if the director is trying to Kubrick us, but they are simply boring. Sorry, movie, you are so lame.

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Small William Blake
Small Nobody
Small Train Fireman
Small Cole Wilson
Small Conway Twill
Small Johnny 'The Kid' Pickett
Small John Scholfield
Small John Dickinson
Small Salvatore 'Sally' Jenko
Small Charlie Dickinson
Small Benmont Tench
Small Thel Russell
No_movie_poster Marvin, Older Marshal
No_movie_poster Lee, Younger Marshal
No_movie_poster Mr. Olafsen
Small Big George Drakoulious
Small Trading Post Missionary
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No_movie_poster Jay Rabinowitz Editor
Small Robby Müller Director of Photography
No_movie_poster Ellen Lewis Casting
Small Jim Jarmusch Director
No_movie_poster Demetra J. MacBride Producer
No_movie_poster Marit Allen Costume Design
Small Neil Young Original Music Composer
No_movie_poster Laura Rosenthal Casting
No_movie_poster Bob Ziembicki Production Design
No_movie_poster Ted Berner Art Direction
No_movie_poster Dayna Lee Set Decoration
No_movie_poster Scott W. Farley Hairstylist
No_movie_poster Neal Martz Makeup Artist
No_movie_poster Robert Hein Supervising Sound Editor
No_movie_poster Magdaline Volaitis Sound Effects Editor
No_movie_poster Lou Carlucci Special Effects Coordinator
No_movie_poster Randall Balsmeyer Visual Effects Supervisor
No_movie_poster Jon Farhat Visual Effects Supervisor
No_movie_poster Al Jones Stunt Coordinator
No_movie_poster Erik Stabenau Stunts
Small Jim Jarmusch Writer
No_movie_poster Jay Rabinowitz Editing


William Blake (Johnny Depp), an accountant from Cleveland, Ohio, rides by train to the frontier company town of Machine to assume a promised job as a bookkeeper in the town's metal works. During the trip, a Fireman (Crispin Glover) warns Blake against the enterprise while passengers shoot buffalo from the train windows. Arriving in town, Blake discovers that his position has already been filled, and he is driven from the workplace at gunpoint by John Dickinson (Robert Mitchum), the ferocious owner of the company. Jobless and without money or prospects, Blake meets Thel Russell (Mili Avital), a former prostitute who sells paper flowers. He lets her take him home. Thel's ex-boyfriend Charlie (Gabriel Byrne) surprises them in bed and shoots at Blake, accidentally killing Thel when she tries to shield Blake with her body. A wounded Blake shoots and kills Charlie with Thel's gun before climbing dazedly out the window and fleeing Machine on a stolen pinto. Company-owner Dickinson just happens to be Charlie's father, and he hires three legendary frontier killers, Cole Wilson (Lance Henriksen), Conway Twill (Michael Wincott), and Johnny "The Kid" Pickett (Eugene Byrd) to bring Blake back 'dead or alive'.

Blake awakens to find a large American Indian (Gary Farmer) attempting to dislodge the bullet from his chest. The Indian, calling himself Nobody, reveals that the bullet is too close to Blake's heart to remove, and Blake is effectively walking dead. When he learns Blake's full name, Nobody decides Blake is a reincarnation of William Blake, a poet whom he idolizes but of whom accountant Blake himself is ignorant. Nobody resolves to escort Blake to the Pacific Ocean to return him to his proper place in the spirit-world.

Blake and Nobody travel west, leaving a trail of dead and encountering wanted posters announcing higher and higher bounties for Blake's death or capture. Blake learns of Nobody's past, marked both by Native American and White racism, which includes Nobody's abduction to Europe as a model savage and subsequent return to America. Nobody leaves Blake alone in the wild when he decides Blake must undergo a vision quest. On his quest, Blake kills two U.S. Marshals, experiences visions of nature spirits, and grieves over the remains of a dead fawn that was killed accidentally by his pursuers. He paints his face with the fawn's blood and rejoins Nobody on their journey. Meanwhile, the most ferocious member of the bounty hunter posse, Cole Wilson (Lance Henriksen), has killed his comrades (eating one of them) and continued his hunt alone.

At a trading post, a bigoted missionary (Alfred Molina) identifies Blake and attempts to kill him. Shortly after, Blake is shot again and his condition rapidly deteriorates. Nobody takes him by river to a Makah village and convinces the tribe to give him a canoe for Blake's ship burial. Blake deliriously trudges through the village before collapsing from his injuries. He awakens in a canoe on a beach wearing Native American funeral dress. Nobody bids Blake farewell and pushes him out to sea. As he floats away, Blake watches Cole sneak up behind Nobody, but he is too weak to cry out and can only watch as the two shoot and kill each other. As he looks up at the sky one more time, Blake silently expires and his canoe drifts out to sea.

Release Dates:

DVD : 2000-12-19

DVD : 2001-07-03

DVD : 2011-04-12