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Desert Fury (1947)

aka Desert Fury

Directed By: 
Details: 96 mins · English


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Small Eddie Bendix
Small Paula Haller
Small Tom Hanson
Small Johnny Ryan
Small Fritzi Haller
Small Claire Lindquist
No_movie_poster Judge Berle Lindquist
No_movie_poster Sheriff Pat Johnson
No_movie_poster Mrs. Lindquist
No_movie_poster Rosa


No_movie_poster Charles Lang Cinematography
No_movie_poster Hal B. Wallis Producer
Small Robert Rossen Writer
No_movie_poster A.I. Bezzerides Writer
No_movie_poster Edward Cronjager Cinematography
No_movie_poster Lewis Allen Director
No_movie_poster Ramona Stewart Novel
No_movie_poster Ramona Stewart Story Contributor


Fritzi Haller (Mary Astor) is the tough owner of a saloon and casino in the small fictional mining town of Chuckawalla, Nevada. Her daughter, Paula Haller (Lizabeth Scott), has just quit school and returned home at the same time that gangster Eddie Bendix (John Hodiak) has returned. He was once involved with Fritzi, but left town under suspicion of murdering his wife.

Paula falls for Bendix and they become involved. Paula's old boyfriend, and local lawman, Tom Hanson (Burt Lancaster), along with Bendix's sidekick, Johnny Ryan (Wendell Corey), try to break up the relationship. When Fritzi finds out, she angrily tries to protect Paula and put a stop to her seeing Bendix.

Bendix's past catches up with him in an unexpected way when the car he is in, running from Hanson (who wants to rid the town of the likes of Bendix and Ryan), crashes through the railing as it is going onto the bridge and plunges down the embankment, killing him.