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Die, Monster, Die! (1965)

aka Monster of Terror

"can you face the ULTIMATE in DIABOLISM ....can you stand PURE TERROR?"

Directed By: 
Details: 80 mins · English


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Small Nahum Witley
Small Stephen Reinhart
Small Letitia Witley
No_movie_poster Susan Witley
No_movie_poster Merwyn
Small Dr. Henderson
No_movie_poster Miss Bailey (UK version)
Small Potter
No_movie_poster Jason


No_movie_poster Daniel Haller Director
Small H.P. Lovecraft Writer
No_movie_poster Jerry Sohl Screenplay


"can you face the ULTIMATE in DIABOLISM ....can you stand PURE TERROR?"

"It COULD happen! It MAY happen! It MIGHT happen! to YOU!"

"No one can stop this killing machine....It's Already Dead!!!"


The story is about an American scientist (Nick Adams) who pays a visit to the estate of his fiancée's family. During his journey, he finds an area of countryside burned out and an enormous crater, as well townspeople reluctant to the point of hostility to either drive to his destination or even talk about the family that lives there. The source of all these problems is later revealed to be a radioactive meteorite kept hidden in the basement by his girlfriend's father (Boris Karloff), who has been using the radiation to mutate plant and animal life, with horrific consequences. Worse yet, family members may have been affected, too.

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