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Drive Angry (2011)

aka Drive Angry

"All hell breaks loose"

Directed By: 
Details: 104 mins · English, Español · R (USA)


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When you watch this movie, DO NOT TAKE IT SERIOUSLY! I went in thinking it was going to be horrible and ended up having a great time at the theaters laughing at the ridiculous lines and over the top action and violence. It was so ridiculous but that is why it was fun.

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No_movie_poster Michael De Luca Producer
No_movie_poster Boaz Davidson Executive Producer
No_movie_poster Avi Lerner Executive Producer
No_movie_poster Patrick Lussier Director
No_movie_poster Trevor Short Executive Producer
No_movie_poster Danny Dimbort Executive Producer
Small Todd Farmer Writer
No_movie_poster Ed Cathell III Producer
No_movie_poster René Besson Producer
No_movie_poster Joe Gatta Executive Producer
No_movie_poster Diego J. Martinez Executive Producer
No_movie_poster Patrick Lussier Writer
No_movie_poster Patrick Lussier Editing


"All hell breaks loose"


John Milton (Nicolas Cage) is an undead criminal that has broken out of Hell to kill Jonah King (Billy Burke), a cult leader that tricked Milton's daughter into joining his followers in the wake of Milton's death, only to kill her and her husband and steal their daughter - Milton's granddaughter - to be sacrificed in a Satanist ritual.

After interrogating some of King's followers, Milton discovers that the ritual will take place in Stillwater, a prison in Louisiana. He heads there, but stops by a diner, where he meets Piper (Amber Heard), a waitress who is withholding sex from her boyfriend, Frank (Todd Farmer), so he will marry her. Milton's car is damaged, so he sabotages Piper's car, a 1969 Dodge Charger R/T 500 and follows her to fix it in exchange for a ride to her home (a motel room), which is on the way to Stillwater.

Entering the room, Piper walks in on Frank having sex with another woman and grabs her by the hair dragging her outside, punching her out, and later fighting with Frank, getting knocked to the ground. Milton in a phonebooth nearby, hears the commotion and comes to Piper's aide, kicking Frank in the face as he is about to continue beating Piper, and punching Frank repeatedly, with Frank's head hitting an A/C causing it to fall out of the window onto his face. Milton steals his car, taking Piper along with him driving to Stillwater. Meanwhile, a supernatural operative of Satan, The Accountant (William Fichtner), arrives on Earth with the mission to bring Milton back to Hell. After interrogating Frank, he discovers that Milton and Piper are heading to Louisiana and tricks a pair of police officers into helping him by impersonating an FBI agent.

At a shady hotel, Milton is attacked by King and his men, who heard about his return, but he kills most of them. The Accountant appears with the police and chases after Milton and Piper, who are chasing after King's Van. Milton uses a gun labeled "The Godkiller" to shoot the Accountant out of the road. They then follow King to a church, only to find it filled with King's followers. They are ambushed and captured. Piper is kidnapped and Milton is shot in the face and left for dead, but he awakens and kills King's men before pursuing his RV once again. Inside, Piper breaks free and fights King before jumping out of the RV and onto Milton's car. King then disables the car by repeatedly shooting its engine.

Milton and Piper then meet Milton's friend Webster (David Morse), who provides them a new car. Piper discovers that Milton is literally undead (demonstrated when his eye regenerated back after being shot by Jonah at the church) and had to abandon his daughter to protect her from his former companions and that's why she was so easily manipulated by King. She also discovers that the Godkiller was stolen by Milton from Satan himself and has the power to completely destroy one's soul, preventing it from going to either Heaven or Hell. Meanwhile, the Accountant discovers that Milton is trying to save his granddaughter from being sacrificed and decides to help him due to Satan's distaste for people who sacrifice innocents in his name.

Piper realizes that Milton has returned from Hell to rescue his granddaughter. Milton tells Piper that he can not guarantee her safety and that she should leave, but she assures him that she has never had a worthy cause to fight for until now, and that she is with him regardless of the consequences. They then set off to Stillwater. With the help of the Accountant they evade the troops of Sheriff Cap (Tom Atkins) and finally arrive at Stillwater. The Accountant captures Piper and forces Milton to give up the Godkiller before he can engage King, but he allows Milton to go into battle against King and his followers to save his granddaughter, noting that Satan is more of a warden for a very large prison rather than the master of evil and is actually against the sacrifice of children in his name.

While Milton slaughters King's men before they can sacrifice the child, Piper escapes The Accountant's clutches with the Godkiller. King eventually gets the upper hand on Milton and savagely beats him. Piper fires the Godkiller at King, but misses and hits one of his few surviving men instead. She is knocked out by the gun's recoil. King orders one of his female servants to murder the child. However, the woman, who had been caring for the baby ever since King stole her, finds herself unable to carry out the deed, making King angry. The Accountant attracts King's attention, allowing Milton to grab the Godkiller and shoot King, destroying his soul. The Accountant retrieves the baby. He allows Milton to say goodbye to her and Milton gives her to Piper, who promises to care for and protect her. Webster arrives and looks on as Milton "dies".

After both Piper and Webster have left, Milton is revealed to be still "alive" (because he is already dead) and with the Accountant. He agrees to go back to Hell, but warns that if he is punished too severely for his actions, he will escape again. The Accountant claims that he looks forward to it, insinuating that chasing Milton is the most fun he has ever had. The Accountant then wiggles his keys and manifests a black 1957 Chevrolet Bel Air before throwing the keys to Milton. They then drive off into the gates of Hell.

Release Dates:

Theatrical : 2011-02-25 : United States of America

DVD : 2011-05-31