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Drum (1976)

aka Drum

"MANDINGO lit the fuse... DRUM is the explosion!"

Directed By: 
Written By: 
Details: 110 mins · English · R (USA)


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Small Hammond Maxwell
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No_movie_poster Drum
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No_movie_poster Bernard DeMarigny
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No_movie_poster Lucien Ballard Cinematography
No_movie_poster Dino De Laurentiis Producer
No_movie_poster Norman Wexler Screenplay
No_movie_poster Carl Kress Editor
No_movie_poster Steve Carver Director
No_movie_poster Charlie Smalls Music


"MANDINGO lit the fuse... DRUM is the explosion!"


Drum is the 1976 sequel to the film Mandingo, and released by United Artists. Starring Warren Oates, Pam Grier (as Pamela Grier), and Ken Norton and directed by Steve Carver, it parodies nineteenth century American slavery like its predecessor. Like Mandingo, Drum was based on the Kyle Onstott novel of the same name.

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