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East Side, West Side (1949)

aka East Side, West Side

"I was married to a man other women pursued!"

Directed By: 
Written By:  Writer details not available
Details: 108 mins · English


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Small Jessie Bourne
Small Brandon Bourne
Small Mark Dwyer
Small Isabel Lorrison
Small Rosa Senta
Small Helen Lee
Small Nora Kernan
Small Lt. Jacobi
Small Horace Elcott Howland
Small Alec Dawning


Small Mervyn LeRoy Director


"I was married to a man other women pursued!"


Just after World War II, socialite Jessie Bourne (Barbara Stanwick) is home alone one night in her Gramercy Park apartment on New York’s East Side when she receives a mysterious hang-up phone call. Her playboy husband Brandon (James Mason) is out enjoying himself at the Del Rio night club where young model Rosa Senta (Cyd Charisse), who has seen and admired Jessie at fashion shows, admonishes Brandon for going out alone. Brandon tries to mollify Rosa but is cut short when Brandon’s former mistress, gold-digging Isabel Lorrison (Ava Gardner), walks in. She has returned from Paris intent on rekindling the romance, but he rebuffs her claiming he is now faithful to his wife. Isabel's date, wealthy Alec Dawning (Douglas Kennedy), who knows Brandon's reputation, knocks him unconscious. Brandon is rescued by Rosa, who takes him to her home to recover.

Brandon returns home to find Jessie waiting up and tells her that he was working late, stopped for a drink, got knocked out by a drunk, but was rescued by Rosa. The next morning her friend Helen Lee (Nancy Davis) calls on Jessie to remind her of the Lee’s party that night for journalist and ex-NYPD cop Mark Dwyer (Van Heflin), returning from the war. During the visit, Jessie confesses to Helen that she is afraid of what will happen to her marriage now that Isabel is back in town. At a fashion show, Jessie takes Rosa aside to thank her for rescuing Brandon. They become friends when Jessie realizes that Rosa’s sweetheart is Mark Dwyer and offers to take Rosa to LaGuardia Airport to pick him up.

As he is leaving his office for Helen's party, Brandon is visited by Isabel, who manages to entice him to her apartment. Jessie goes to the party alone and becomes more acquainted with Mark, who explains that Rosa has a girlhood crush that she would have gotten over long ago except that he was overseas. Jessie finds out that Brandon is with Isabel, and Mark, falling hard for the more mature Jessie, comforts her until Brandon returns. Although they fight, Brandon convinces Jessie of his love and proposes a second honeymoon in Virginia.

The next day, as she is preparing to go away, Jessie is called by Isabel and is tempted to her apartment in Greenwich Village on the West Side. Mark unwittingly drives Jessie there and admits his love for her, but is resigned to her trying to save her marriage. During the showdown at the apartment, Jessie refuses to back down after Isabel gloats that if she calls, Brandon “will come running”. Jessie returns home and is given a message to Brandon back - at Isabel's apartment. Suspecting betrayal, Jessie calls, only for Brandon to tell her that he has found Isabel murdered and summoned the police. Jessie and Mark immediately return to the apartment, where Lt. Jake Jacobi (William Conrad) takes Brandon downtown. At the crime scene, Mark finds a woman's broken fingernail that leads him to Alec Dawning’s private party at the Del Rio club, where he determines that Alec's jealous girlfriend, Felice Backett (Beverly Michaels), committed the murder. Brandon is released, but Jessie finally realizes that she no longer loves Brandon.