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Edge of Doom (1950)

aka Edge of Doom

Directed By: 
Details: 99 mins · English


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Small Father Thomas Roth
Small Martin Lynn
Small Rita Conroy
Small Detect. Lieutenant Mandel
Small Mr. Craig
Small Julie
Small Irene
No_movie_poster Father Kirkman
Small 1st Detective
Small 2nd Detective
No_movie_poster Mrs. Pearson
No_movie_poster Mr. Murray, the Funeral Director
Small Mr. Swanson, the Florist (as Houseley Stevenson Sr.)
No_movie_poster Mrs. Lally (as Jean Innes)
Small Mrs. Jeanette Moore
Small Ned Moore
No_movie_poster Mary Jane Glennon
Small Mrs. Dennis, the Rectory Housekeeper
No_movie_poster Mrs. Lynn


No_movie_poster Daniel Mandell Editor
No_movie_poster Ben Hecht Writer
No_movie_poster Charles Brackett Writer
No_movie_poster Harry Stradling Sr. Director of Photography
No_movie_poster Samuel Goldwyn Producer
No_movie_poster Hugo Friedhofer Original Music Composer
Small Mark Robson Director
No_movie_poster Leo Brady Novel
No_movie_poster Philip Yordan Writer
No_movie_poster Daniel Mandell Editing


The story concerns a young mentally disturbed man, Martin Lynn (Farley Granger), who goes on a rampage after his sick mother dies. One of the man's biggest beefs is with the Catholic Church who, in addition to slighting him when his mother needed a priest, once refused to bury his father years earlier because he committed suicide. The man, blaming the environment he lives in, goes on a rampage taking revenge on his cheap boss, a mortician and a priest, Father Kirkman (Harold Vermilyea), who refuses to give his poor mother a big funeral. He begins his rampage by killing the hard-line Catholic priest, who slighted him, by beating him with a heavy crucifix. Later, another young priest, Father Roth (Dana Andrews), suspects the young man, now arrested for another crime, for the killing.