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Everyone's Hero (2006)

aka Everyone's Hero

"No matter where life takes you, always keep swinging."

Details: 88 mins · English · G (USA)


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Small Lefty Maginnis (Voice)
Small Screwie (voice)
Small George Herman 'Babe' Ruth
No_movie_poster Officer Bryant
Small Yankee Irving
No_movie_poster Rosetta Brewster
No_movie_poster Sandlot Kid #1
No_movie_poster Sandlot Kid #2
Small Darlin'
No_movie_poster Announcer
Small Hobo Louie
No_movie_poster Conductors / Umpire
No_movie_poster Bully Kid Tubby
Small Hobo Andy / Maitre D'
No_movie_poster Willie
No_movie_poster Emily Irving
Small Napoleon Cross
Small Stanley Irving
Small Marti Brewster


No_movie_poster Dan St. Pierre Director
Small Christopher Reeve Director
No_movie_poster Jeff Hand Screenplay
No_movie_poster Colin Brady Director
No_movie_poster Howard Jonas Original Story
No_movie_poster Robert Kurtz Screenplay


"No matter where life takes you, always keep swinging."


It's 1932, the dawn of the Great Depression, and young baseball fan Yankee Irving (Jake T. Austin), whose father Stanley (Mandy Patinkin) works as a janitor for New York City's Yankee Stadium, dreams of playing for the Yankees but can't even play sandlot baseball well enough to avoid being picked last. One day beside the sandlot, he finds a talking baseball he names Screwie (Rob Reiner).

While father and son are in the stadium, a thief steals Babe Ruth's famous bat Darlin' (Whoopi Goldberg), with the result that Yankee's father is blamed and fired. The true thief is Lefty Maginnis (William H. Macy), a pitcher for the Chicago Cubs. Lefty works for Cubs owner Napoleon Cross (Robin Williams), who desires to see the Cubs defeat the Yankees during the 1932 World Series.

Stealing the bat back, Yankee decides to return it to Ruth—and thereby exonerate his father—by journeying across the country to Chicago, where the next World Series' games will be played. Darlin' is able to speak, as does her counterpart Screwie, who she constantly argues and bickers with (though near the end, they finally become friends). Much of the plot is driven by Lefty's comic attempts to retrieve the bat from Yankee, with slapstick results. Other scenes involve Yankee meeting others who will help him in his quest: several hobos (Ed Helms); Marti (Raven-Symoné), an African American girl; her baseball player father Lonnie Brewster (Forest Whitaker); and in Chicago, Babe Ruth himself (Brian Dennehy).

A series of improbable coincidences allows Yankee himself to bat for the Yankees, resulting in the archetypal home run (technically, a series of errors after an infield pop-up that allow him to round the bases). This restores the morale of the Yankees, who score 7 more runs to take the lead and win the World Series. Cross tries to talk Babe Ruth out of accepting the victory, saying that Yankee is too young to be a counting player. This leads to the arrest of Cross. Yankee also successfully exonerates his father. Yankee returns home, now knowing what is truly important in baseball.

Release Dates:

DVD : 2007-03-20