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Excuse My Dust (1951)

Excuse My Dust (1951)

aka Excuse My Dust

Details: 82 mins · English


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Small Joe Belden
Small Liz Bullitt
Small Cyrus Random, Jr.
Small Harvey Bullitt
No_movie_poster Daisy Lou Shultzer
Small Mayor Fred Haskell


Small Buster Keaton Director
No_movie_poster George Wells Writer
No_movie_poster Roy Rowland Director
No_movie_poster Edward Sedgwick Director
No_movie_poster Stephanie Nordli Writer


Amateur inventor Joe Belden has his Indiana hometown in a tizzy over his new "horseless carriage" in 1895. It runs on gasoline, but the townspeople aren't impressed and only Joe's mom and his sweetheart Liz Bullitt are supportive.

Mechanical breakdowns make Joe even more unpopular with some, including Liz's father, who prefers his daughter's other suitor, Ivy Leaguer Cyrus Ransom, Jr.

A $5,000 first prize in a road race attracts newfangled contraptions from all over the land. Cy enters one himself that runs on ether and cheats in every way he can to drive Joe off the road. He succeeds, but Liz comes to the rescue and joins Joe all the way to the finish line -- well, almost all the way.