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Exit Speed (2008)

aka Exit Speed

Directed By: 
Written By:  Writer details not available
Details: 91 mins · English · R (USA)


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In Texas, Sergeant Archie Sparks (Fred Ward), an MP, has finally caught up with AWOL Corporal Meredith Cole (Julie Mond), who was accused of assaulting a commanding officer. Archie turns his back on Meredith for just a second, and there she goes off and running again.

Cole finds herself on an American Auto Coach bus on her way to El Paso, along with an eclectic group of passengers all geared up for an uneventful ride, that is until the bus passes a group of meth-addicted, nomadic bikers who taunt the passengers by doing all kinds of motorcycle stunts all around the bus.

Before long, one of the bikers makes a mistake and ends up under the wheels of the bus, and the rest of the bikers want revenge. The driver, Danny Gunn (David Rees Snell) stops the bus to help, and when Danny gets out, one of the bikers kills Danny. Stray shots from the biker also wound Meredith and passenger Joey Ryan (Danielle Beacham).

Another passenger, Jerry Yarbro (Gregory Jbara), a high school football coach who was accused of assaulting a student, retrieves the biker's weapon, while Walter Lindley (Wally White), another passenger, retrieves Danny's keys. The surviving passengers drive away in the bus in an effort to get away from the bikers. As they flee down the highway, Joey dies from her injuries.

The rest of the passengers include single mother Maudie McMinn (Lea Thompson), moody, wayward father Sam Cutter (Desmond Harrington), tough woman Desiree (Kelli Dawn Hancock), her extremely skittish boyfriend Duke (Nick Sowell), Annabel Drake (Alice Greczyn) a vegan who happens to be a competitive archer, and Ramon Vargas (Everett Sifuentes) a Spanish-speaking electrician.

At Jerry's insistence, they take the bus down a side road. The bikers force the bus off the road at an abandoned junkyard, where the bus crashes, killing Walter. The passengers build a makeshift bunker that the bikers surround. And Jerry, who seems to have anger management issues, still has the gun. The group is now on the defensive against the vengeful bikers. But they realize that in order to survive, they must go on the offensive and fight back against the bikers.

That evening, they make a plan to hold out in the junkyard while Maudie, (a marathoner), crosses 20 miles of desert to reach the nearest town for help. As the remaining survivors fight back with captured guns, Annabel's target bow, and Ramon's jury-rigged cannon, Maudie gets away from the compound. Maudie meets up with Archie, and they kill some of the bikers.

The two make it back to the compound during the middle of the confrontation, in which the remaining bikers injure Ramon and kill Duke, Desiree, and Jerry. After the remaining bikers are killed, the survivors—Sam, Meredith, Annabel, and Ramon—are driven to the nearest town by Maudie and Archie.

Later, at a hospital, Maudie reunites with her daughters, and Meredith again evades the army, this time with Archie's help. Meredith joins Sam and Annabel as they head back out on the road in a minivan.

Release Dates:

DVD : 2011-07-18