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Fast Food Nation (2006)

aka Fast Food Nation

"Do you want lies with that?"

Directed By: 
Details: 116 mins · English, Spanish · R (USA)


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Effectively shocking in places, but it's very bitty with an abrupt ending, and too many scenes feel like lectures. The book's probably better.

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Noiosa e non arriva nulla---

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"Do you want lies with that?"


Don Anderson is the Mickey's hamburger chain marketing director who helped develop the "Big One", its most popular menu item. When he learns that independent research has discovered a considerable presence of fecal matter in the meat, he travels to the fictitious town of Cody, Colorado to determine if the local Uni-Globe meatpacking processing plant, Mickey's main meat supplier, is guilty of sloppy production. Don's tour shows him only the pristine work areas and most efficient procedures, assuring him that everything the company produces is immaculate.

Suspicious of the facade he's been shown, Don meets rancher Rudy Martin, who used to supply cattle to the Uni-Globe plant. Rudy and his Chicana housekeeper both assure him that because of the plant's production level, several safety regulations are ignored or worked against; workers have no time to make sure that the manure coming from the intestines stays away from the meat. Don later meets with Harry Rydell, executive VP of Mickey's, who admits being aware of the issue, but is not concerned.

Amber is a young, upbeat employee of Mickey's, studying for college and living with her mother Cindy. While her life seems to be set, she continually faces the contrast between her current career and her own ambition, emphasized by her two lazy co-workers, Brian and Andrew, who, having heard of armed robberies at fast food restaurants in the area, start planning their own.

Amber and Cindy are visited by Cindy's brother Pete, who encourages Amber to leave town and start a real career. Amber eventually meets a group of young activists, Andrew, Alice, and Paco, who plan to liberate cattle from Uni-Globe as their first act of rebellion. They proceed to sneak up to a holding pen at the plant, but after breaking down the fence, they are shocked that the cattle make no attempt to leave. Upon hearing the police, they retreat and contemplate why the cattle decided to stay in confinement.

Raul, his love interest Sylvia, and Sylvia's sister Coco are illegal immigrants from Mexico, trying to make it in Colorado. They all go to Uni-Globe in hopes of finding a job - Raul becomes a cleaner, while Coco works on a meat processing conveyor belt. Sylvia, however, cannot take the environment, and instead finds a job as a hotel maid. Coco develops a drug habit, and begins an affair with her exploitative superior, Mike.

In a work accident, a friend of Raul's falls in a machine, and his leg is mangled. Raul, attempting to save him, falls and is injured. At the hospital, Sylvia is told that Raul was on amphetamines at work. Because Raul is now unable to work, Sylvia has sex with Mike in order to find a job at Uni-Globe. She ends up working on the "kill floor."

Release Dates:

Theatrical : 2006-11-17 : United States of America

Theatrical : 2006-10-26 : Australia

Theatrical : 2006-11-22 : France

Theatrical : 2006-12-01 : Poland

Theatrical : 2006-12-07 : Israel

Theatrical : 2006-12-14 : Greece

Theatrical : 2007-01-04 : Singapore

Theatrical : 2007-01-11 : Portugal

Theatrical : 2007-01-18 : Hungary

Theatrical : 2007-03-01 : Germany

Theatrical : 2007-03-09 : Sweden

Theatrical : 2007-04-04 : Kuwait

Theatrical : 2007-04-20 : Austria

Theatrical : 2007-05-04 : Ireland

Theatrical : 2007-05-04 : United Kingdom

Theatrical : 2007-05-30 : Belgium

Theatrical : 2007-07-13 : Spain

Theatrical : 2007-07-15 : Uruguay

Theatrical : 2007-07-20 : Italy

Theatrical : 2007-09-28 : Brazil

Theatrical : 2008-02-16 : Japan

Theatrical : 2008-07-10 : South Korea

Theatrical : 2008-08-15 : Romania

Theatrical : 2008-10-23 : Argentina

DVD : 2007-03-06

DVD : 2007-11-07 : Sweden

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