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Firecreek (1968)

aka Firecreek

Directed By: 
Written By: 
Details: 104 mins · English


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Small Johnny Cobb
Small Bob Larkin
Small Evelyn Pittman
Small Earl
Small Whittier
Small Preacher Broyles
Small Mr. Pittman
Small Norman
Small Drew
No_movie_poster Meli
Small Henrietta Cobb
No_movie_poster Dulcie (midwife)


No_movie_poster William H. Ziegler Editor
No_movie_poster Alfred Newman Original Music Composer
No_movie_poster Vincent McEveety Director
No_movie_poster Calvin Clements Sr. Author
No_movie_poster William H. Clothier Director of Photography
No_movie_poster Philip Leacock Producer
No_movie_poster William H. Ziegler Editing


After years of backing away from criminals and gunfights, one resident of the small western town of Firecreek decides to fight back. Part-time sheriff Johnny Cobb (James Stewart) decides to avenge the death of a young man against gunmen led by Bob Larkin (Henry Fonda).

Cobb has a lot on his mind, particularly with his wife Henrietta (Jacqueline Scott) is about to give birth. He is a peace-loving farmer whose childishly made sheriff's badge is practically an honorary one.

Larkin's men ride into town and disrupt the peace. Earl (Gary Lockwood), Norman (Jack Elam), and Drew (James Best) run roughshod over the local citizens and Larkin has no inclination to stop it, despite Cobb's requests. Larkin is more interested in getting to know an attractive widow named Evelyn (Inger Stevens).

The only person in town willing to help Cobb is a slow-witted stable boy named Arthur (Robert Porter). When the boy is murdered by Larkin's men, a terrified and outgunned Cobb decides to stand up to them alone.