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Flubber (1997)

aka Flubber

"Catch it if you can!"

Directed By: 
Details: 93 mins · English · PG (USA)


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From Everybody:

A very dumb movie

A scientist who forgets to attend his wedding for the third time has invented a flying car while he already has a flying robot assistant from the start of the movie. How stupid the director thinks viewers are?

420 chars remaining..!!
420 chars remaining..!!
420 chars remaining..!!


Small Professor Philip Brainard
Small Dr. Sara Jean Reynolds
Small Wilson Croft
Small Chester Hoenicker
Small Smith
Small Secretary at Ford Motor Company
Small Wesson
Small Bennett Hoenicker
Small Martha George
Small Weebo
Small Sylvia
No_movie_poster Father
No_movie_poster Window Boy
Small Minister
No_movie_poster Teenage Boy
Small Coach Willy Barker


Small Danny Elfman Music
No_movie_poster Dean Cundey Director of Photography
No_movie_poster Bill Walsh Screenplay
No_movie_poster David Nicksay Executive Producer
Small John Hughes Screenplay
No_movie_poster Michael A. Stevenson Editor
No_movie_poster Les Mayfield Director
No_movie_poster Harvey Rosenstock Editor
No_movie_poster Ricardo Mestres Producer
Small John Hughes Production
No_movie_poster Roger Birnbaum Production
Small Joe Roth Production
No_movie_poster Samuel W. Taylor Story Contributor
No_movie_poster Michael A. Stevenson Editing
No_movie_poster Harvey Rosenstock Editing


"Catch it if you can!"

"The stuff dreams are made of."


Professor Philip Brainard (Robin Williams), a professor at Medfield College, is developing a new energy source in an attempt to raise enough money to save the college from closure. His preoccupancy with his research distracts him from his fiancée and the president of Medfield College Doctor Sara Jean Reynolds (Marcia Gay Harden); he has missed two weddings in the past as a result of this, much to the anger of Sara. On the day of the third attempted wedding, Philip is approached by his former partner Wilson Croft (Christopher McDonald), who has profited from ideas he has stolen from Brainard and now desires to steal Sara from Philip and make her his wife, which he declares directly to Philip. Before he can make it to the wedding, his latest experiment shows fast development, forcing him to miss another wedding. The resulting substance created from the experiment is a green slime that proves to be difficult to control and wreaks havoc on the neighborhood before Brainard finally manages to capture him. Weebo (voiced by Jodi Benson), Philip's robot assistant, classifies the substance as "flying rubber", leading Philip to christen him as "Flubber".

Philip discovers that as he bounces, Flubber increases in speed rather than decreasing. After he relays this information to Weebo, she informs him that he has missed the third wedding. Philip goes to Sara's office and attempts to explain the situation to her, but she thinks he made this up. Meanwhile, Medfield College sponsor Chester Hoenicker (Raymond J. Barry) is unhappy that Philip flunked his son Bennett (Wil Wheaton) in chemistry class. That night, Chester sends his two security guards Smith (Clancy Brown) and Wesson (Ted Levine) to Philip's house in an attempt to persuade Philip into giving Bennett a better grade. However, Philip is too busy testing the Flubber to even notice them and suddenly knocks them out unconscious with a Flubber-coated golf ball and bowling ball. He uses Flubber to give his car the ability of flight. During a test run, he discovers Wilson making the moves on Sara. Afterwards, Weebo attempts to confess her love of Philip, only to be shrugged off as a computer. In response, she secretly creates a holographic human version of herself named Sylvia (Leslie Stefanson) in hopes of winning him over. Before Weebo can make out with Philip in this form as he sleeps, Philip awakens with another idea for Flubber. He enters an empty basketball court and tests the effects of Flubber on a basketball. Later, he gives Flubber-padded shoes to the unskilled Medfield basketball team to increase their abilities.

Back in Philip's home, a spiteful Weebo unleashes Flubber from his case, allowing him to dance around the house and cause general mayhem. After the close but successful basketball game, Philip's attempt to win Sara back into his favor fails. Philip dumps all of his emotional baggage onto Weebo, saying his absent-mindedness is due to his love of Sara. Weebo records Philip's ramblings and shows the footage to Sara, who then reconciles with Philip. Philip demonstrates Flubber's abilities to Sara and they discuss how it can be used for profit. However, Chester discovers Flubber's existence and sends Smith and Wesson to break into Philip's house and steal Flubber. Weebo attempts to fend off the goons, only to be struck down with a baseball bat. Philip and Sara return home and find that Flubber is gone and Weebo is destroyed. Philip discovers that Weebo had downloaded back-up data of herself onto Philip's computer in the event of her demise, as well as a video recording of Weebo's hologram telling Philip she loves him.

Philip and Sara confront Chester and try to retrieve Flubber, only to find that Wilson was behind the whole scheme. After a battle, Philip and Sara defeat Wilson, Chester and his goons, get Flubber back, raise enough money to save the college and finally have a successful marriage, along with Flubber and the "daughter" of Weebo, called Weebette. The film ends with the family heading for Hawaii in Philip's car.

Release Dates:

Theatrical : 1997-11-26 : United States of America

DVD : 1998-06-16