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Freddy Got Fingered (2001)

aka Freddy Got Fingered

Directed By: 
Details: 87 mins · English · R (USA)


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Small Gord Brody
Small Jim Brody
Small Betty
Small Freddy Brody
Small Darren
Small Dave Davidson
Small Julie Brody
No_movie_poster Mr. Malloy
No_movie_poster Andy Malloy
No_movie_poster Farmer #1
No_movie_poster Farmer #2
No_movie_poster Pregnant Woman
No_movie_poster Doctor
Small Security Guard - Studio
Small Davidson's Receptionist
No_movie_poster Man #1 - Restaurant
No_movie_poster Man #2 - Restaurant
No_movie_poster Woman - Restaurant
No_movie_poster Larry / Truck Driver
No_movie_poster Waiter
No_movie_poster Psychiatrist / Social Worker
No_movie_poster Cop with Social Worker
No_movie_poster Morose Kid
Small Foreman
Small Shaquille
No_movie_poster Security Guard
Small Pimply Manager
No_movie_poster Cop at Fancy Restaurant
No_movie_poster Local Field Reporter
No_movie_poster Indian Woman #1
No_movie_poster Indian Woman #2
No_movie_poster Helicopter Pilot
No_movie_poster Policeman (scenes deleted)
No_movie_poster Locksmith
No_movie_poster Spectator
No_movie_poster Bank Manager
Small William
No_movie_poster Ernie
No_movie_poster Disgruntled restaurant patron
No_movie_poster Pulp Mill Worker #1
No_movie_poster Big Bear
Small Uncle Neil
No_movie_poster Pulp Mill Worker #2
No_movie_poster Anchorman
No_movie_poster Sandwich Customer


No_movie_poster Arnon Milchan Executive Producer
No_movie_poster Marc S. Fischer Producer
No_movie_poster Mark Irwin Director of Photography
No_movie_poster Michael Simpson Music
No_movie_poster Larry Brezner Producer
Small Tom Green Director
No_movie_poster Lauren Lloyd Producer
No_movie_poster Howard Lapides Producer
No_movie_poster Derek Harvie Author
Small Tom Green Writer
No_movie_poster Jacqueline Cambas Editing


Throughout the film, unemployed 28-year-old cartoonist Gordon "Gord" Brody pursues his life-long ambition to obtain a contract for an animated television series. He heads off for Hollywood, and subsequently gets a job in a cheese sandwich factory. Gord manages to speak to Dave Davidson, the CEO of a major animation studio, and shows him his drawings; despite noting that the drawings are "pretty good", Davidson disparages Gord's idea of an "X-Ray Cat", declaring it "fucking stupid".

A disheartened Gord quits his job and returns home to his parents, angering his dad, Jim. Jim constantly insults and belittles Gord, and also disparages Gord's girlfriend Betty, an attractive nurse in a wheelchair with an obsessive penchant for fellatio and an ambition to create a rocket-powered wheelchair. After Jim smashes Gord's handbuilt half-pipe, Gord falsely accuses Jim of sexual molestation of Gord's younger brother, Freddy. The 25-year-old Freddy is sent to a home for sexually-molested children, while Gord's mother, Julie, leaves Jim, and ends up dating Shaq.

After seeing Betty's successful experiment with a rocket-powered wheelchair, Gord returns to Hollywood, with a concept based on his relationship with his father, for a series called "Zebras in America". After Jim bursts in on Gord's proposal and trashes Davidson's office, Davidson is amused enough by Jim's antics to greenlight the series and give Gord a million dollar check. Gord kidnaps his father and takes him to Pakistan as a response to Jim's earlier insult: "If this were Pakistan, you would have been sewing soccer balls when you were four years old!". Father and son come to terms, but are soon kidnaped and held hostage. The kidnapping becomes a news item, as Gord's series is already highly popular. After four years, Gord and Jim return to America, with a huge crowd welcoming them home.

Release Dates:

Theatrical : 2001-04-20 : United States of America

DVD : 2001-10-23