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Fritz the Cat (1972)

aka Fritz the Cat

"We're not rated X for nothin', baby!"

Directed By: 
Details: 78 mins · English, Yiddish


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No_movie_poster Fritz the Cat (voice)
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Small Ralph Bakshi Director
No_movie_poster Gene Borghi Director of Photography
No_movie_poster Robert Crumb Characters
No_movie_poster Steve Krantz Producer
No_movie_poster Ed Bogas Original Music Composer
No_movie_poster Ray Shanklin Original Music Composer
No_movie_poster Ted C. Bemiller Director of Photography
No_movie_poster Renn Reynolds Editor
Small Ralph Bakshi Writer
No_movie_poster Robert Crumb Story Contributor
No_movie_poster Renn Reynolds Editing


"We're not rated X for nothin', baby!"

"He's X-rated and Animated!"

""We're not rated X for nothin', baby""


In a New York park, Fritz and his friends show up with guitars in an attempt to meet girls. Fritz tries to pick up the girls by convincing them that he is a tormented soul, and invites them to "seek the truth", bringing them up to his friend's apartment, where a wild party is taking place and Fritz drags the girls into the bathroom, where the four of them have group sex in the bathtub. Meanwhile, a police force of pigs arrives to raid the party. As the two officers walk up the stairs, the partygoers jump into the tub, pushing Fritz to the side where he takes solace in cannabis. When the officers break into the apartment, Fritz takes refuge in the toilet. As the pig becomes exhausted, a very intoxicated Fritz jumps out, grabs the pig's gun, and shoots the toilet, causing the water main to break and flooding everybody out of the apartment. The pigs chase Fritz down the street into a synagogue. He manages to escape when the congregation gets up to celebrate the United States' decision to send more weapons into Israel.

Fritz makes it back to his dormitory, where his roommates ignore him. He decides to ditch his bore of a life and sets all of his notes and books on fire. The fire spreads throughout the dorm, finally setting the entire building ablaze. In a bar in Harlem, Fritz meets Duke the Crow at a billiard table. After narrowly avoiding getting into a fight with the bartender, Duke invites Fritz to "bug out", and they steal a car, which Fritz drives off a bridge, leading Duke to save his life by grabbing onto a railing. The two arrive at the apartment of a drug dealer named Bertha, whose cannabis joints increase Fritz's libido. While having sex with Bertha, he comes to a realization that he "must tell the people about the revolution!" He runs off into the city street and incites a riot, during which Duke is shot and killed.

Fritz hides in an alley where his girlfriend, Winston Schwartz, finds him and drags him on a road trip to San Francisco. When the car runs out of gas in the middle of the desert, he decides to abandon her. He later meets up with Blue, a heroin-addicted rabbit biker. Along with Blue's horse girlfriend, Harriet, they take a ride to an underground hide-out where several other revolutionaries tell Fritz of their plan to blow up a power station. When Harriet tries to get Blue to leave, he hits her several times and ties her down with a chain. When Fritz objects to their treatment of her, he is hit in the face with a candle by a member of the group. The group throws Harriet onto a bed and rapes her. After setting the dynamite at the power plant, Fritz suddenly has a change of heart, and unsuccessfully attempts to remove it before being caught in the explosion. At a Los Angeles hospital, Harriet (disguised as a nun) and the girls from the New York park come to comfort him in what they believe to be his last moments. Fritz, after summarizing the film's themes, becomes revitalized and has sex with the trio of girls while Harriet watches in astonishment.

Release Dates:

Theatrical : 1972-01-25 : United States of America