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Funny Farm (1988)

aka Funny Farm

Directed By: 
Written By: 
Details: 101 mins · English · PG (USA)


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Small Andy Farmer
No_movie_poster Elizabeth Farmer (as Madolyn Smith)
No_movie_poster Sheriff Ledbetter
Small Michael Sinclair
No_movie_poster Bud Culbertson
No_movie_poster Betsy Culbertson
No_movie_poster Newspaper Editor
Small Crocker
No_movie_poster Mickey
Small Old Character
No_movie_poster Old Operator
No_movie_poster Young Operator (as Le Fevre)
Small Marion Corey Jr.
No_movie_poster Gus Lotterhand
No_movie_poster Mrs. Ethel Dinges
Small Elizabeth's Student


Small George Roy Hill Director
No_movie_poster Jeffrey Boam Writer
No_movie_poster Jay Cronley Story Contributor
No_movie_poster Alan Heim Editing


Andy Farmer (Chase) is a New York City sports writer who moves with his wife, Elizabeth (Smith) to the seemingly charming town of Redbud, Vermont, so he can write a novel. They do not get along well with the residents, and other quirks arise such as being given funeral bills for a long-dead man buried on their land long before they acquired the house. Marital troubles soon arise from the quirkiness of Redbud as well as the fact that Elizabeth was critical of Andy's manuscript, while secretly getting her ideas for children's books published. They soon decide to divorce and sell their home, enticing the town's residents with a $15,000 donation to Redbud, as well as a $50 cash bonus to whoever made a friendly impression toward their prospective home buyers. To that end, the citizens remake Redbud into a perfect Norman Rockwell-style town. Their charade dazzles a pair of prospective buyers, who make the Farmers an offer on the house; however, Andy declines to sell, realizing that he genuinely enjoys small-town living. He and Elizabeth decide to stay together in Redbud, much to the chagrin of the locals, who are now angry that they lost their promised money. Though the mayor does not hold the Farmers liable for the $15,000, as the sale of their house did not occur, Andy decides to pay everyone in Redbud their $50, which helps improve his standing among the townspeople. The film ends with Andy taking a job as a sports writer for the Redbud newspaper, and Elizabeth, now pregnant with their first child, has written multiple children's stories.

Release Dates:

DVD : 1999-05-18