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Gaby (1956)

Gaby (1956)

aka Gaby

Directed By: 
Details: 96 mins · English


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Small Gaby
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No_movie_poster Claire
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No_movie_poster Gregory Y. Wendell
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No_movie_poster Robert E. Sherwood Story
No_movie_poster Charles Lederer Screenplay
No_movie_poster George Froeschel Screenplay
No_movie_poster Frances Goodrich Screenplay
No_movie_poster Albert Hackett Screenplay
No_movie_poster Curtis Bernhardt Director
No_movie_poster S.N. Behrman Screenplay
No_movie_poster Paul H. Rameau Screenplay
No_movie_poster Edwin H. Knopf Production
No_movie_poster Robert E. Sherwood Story Contributor


Gaby (Caron) is a ballet dancer in 1944 London who runs into corporal Gregory Wendell (Kerr) while rushing to catch the bus. Greg is mesmerized by Gaby and goes to the ballet to see her on stage, but Gaby wants nothing to do with Greg. He persists, however, and by the end of the day, she agrees to marry him. Before they can marry, however, there is a mountain of red tape and Greg ships out while promising to marry Gaby on his return. When she hears that he has been killed, she makes herself available to anyone who wants her.

This version, however, changed the ending even more drastically than the 1940 one, by allowing Gaby and Greg to reunite and live happily ever after.