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Godzilla (2014)

aka Godzilla

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Details: 123 mins · English


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Waits too long before introducing Godzilla.

Hollywood sucks at making Godzilla movies. Roland Emmerich proved that with his 1998 Godzilla, which didn't even care to get the monster's design right. Given that fiasco, it makes sense why Hollywood waited to make a new one and why Gareth Edwards was tapped to direct. The filmmaker previously wowed audiences with his creature flick Monsters, so he was a logical choice. And although Edwards doesn’t fully break Hollywood’s bad precedent with the famous Japanese creature, his Godzilla is much better than Emmerich’s picture.

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Brilliant actors!

Amazing actors play! Aaron Taylor-Johnson , Ken Watanabe , Elizabeth Olsen and Bryan Cranston were brilliant! The plot was good and they did the legendary monster justice!

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Una pelicula solo para fanaticos de Godzilla... abstenerse personas que la quieran ver por ver... 3 de 5 Puntos!

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Small Joe Brody
Small Ford Brody
No_movie_poster Sam Brody
Small Elle Brody
Small Sandra Brody
Small Dr. Ishiro Serizawa
Small Vivienne Graham
No_movie_poster Young Ford


Small David S. Goyer Screenplay
No_movie_poster Roy Lee Producer
No_movie_poster Thomas Tull Producer
No_movie_poster Jon Jashni Producer
No_movie_poster Dan Lin Producer
No_movie_poster Gareth Edwards Director
No_movie_poster Brian Rogers Producer


New movie version of the japanese classic.

Release Dates:

Theatrical : 2014-05-16 : United States of America

theatrical : 2014-05-16 : India